Five Reasons Why Parks and Recreation is Better than The Office

The NBC channel has blessed us with many shows: The Good Place, This Is Us, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and even Friends—but two of the greatest shows to come from this channel are Parks and Recreation and The Office. These two shows set up the standard for TV comedy, winning multiple awards at the Emmys and Golden Globes and uniting people from all over the world because of our love for Leslie Knope and Michael Scott. However, there’s one question that causes a lot of controversy between these two shows: is Parks and Rec or The Office better? This question has been asked by so many for years now, with people wondering if there is a correct answer to this question.

Well, today, I am going to give you the correct answer: Parks and Recreation is better. Now, before any of you diehard Office fans come at me, here are five reasons why Parks and Rec is better than The Office.

1. The main character Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope is, without a doubt, one of the greatest fictional characters of all time. She is amazing, fearless, relatable, and so empowering. I strive to be like Leslie; I work hard and passionately and never give up and remember what’s important in life: “friends, waffles, and work—or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.” Now, Michael Scott from The Office is great, too. He’s hilarious and can always make me smile—but that’s it. I don’t feel inspired by him like I do by Leslie; in fact, some of the things Michael says and does makes me feel uncomfortable. Michael is in the past, but Leslie is the future.

2. The storyline

Now, the storyline of The Office is interesting. A TV show about an office filming a documentary had never been done before, but it quickly became a huge hit for people all over the world. People could escape from reality by watching The Office and its random conference room meetings, Dwight getting mad at Jim, and the Roy/Pam/Jim love triangle. However, there’s something about the storyline of Parks and Rec that’s simply just better. Parks and Rec is more realistic and relatable than The Office; the show pro-vides characters who deal with mental health, job crises, and other important issues. When Tom struggles with figuring out what his dream is, I felt that—but when Michael goes out into the Pennsylvania forest to prove he can survive in the wild? Can’t relate.

3. The humor

I feel like this reason might be the most controversial out of this argument. Both TV shows are hilarious in their own special way. The Office basically invented 21st century humor—but Parks and Rec perfected it. The humor on Parks and Rec is mainly clean (there are some dirty jokes, however, but The Office is king of dirty jokes), and memor-able enough that you can still bust out laughing to Ben and Leslie fighting at the Pawnee High School Model UN after watching the episode five times. But everyone’s humor is different, and that’s okay. As long as you think Andy Dwyer living in the pit is hilarious, we can be friends.

4. The romance

This is where I sometimes want to say The Office is better because Pam and Jim are one of the cutest fictional couples of the 21st century. For three seasons we waited for the moment where Pam and Jim would get together, and when they finally did, it was truly magical. Although I love Pam and Jim dearly—I mean, their wedding is iconic—Parks and Rec gave us the ultimate couple goals. When Andy wrote the song “November” for April’s birthday?? Or when Leslie told Ben she loved him through her trial transcript?? That’s true love right there, people.

5. Li’l Sebastian

Do I really have to explain this reason? Parks and Rec blessed us with Li’l Sebastian, the greatest mini horse to ever exist in TV history. Although Li’l Sebastian’s time in the show is short, he touched our hearts, and we’ll never forget him. The Office, meanwhile, did not have Li’l Sebastian; they didn’t have any animals, really, that were memorable—unless you count the bird that the office had a funeral for.

The Office and Parks and Rec will both be remembered for a very long time—but, at the end of the day, we all know deep down that Parks and Rec is the better show. If you still believe that The Office is better after reading this, that’s okay; everyone’s opinion is valid. I just hope you understand that Li’l Sebastian is looking down on you from horsey heaven.