An Eagle's Style Guide to Winthrop Homecoming

It's that wonderful time of year again… Homecoming! (Or if you so please, HoCo Weekend). An entire week of celebrating school spirit, school colors, and the start of the basketball season. At the end of the week there is the ever-famous tailgating leading up to the first home game of the Winthrop basketball season! 

Just like for football tailgating at Clemson and USC, the Homecoming tailgate is a time to dress up and illustrate your school spirit. But before you rush out to the mall looking for a new dress or raid your roommate's closet for the perfect scarf to wear, here are some fashion tips for what to wear:

Check the weather! Even though we're in South Carolina, fall is upon us. Looking at the weather a day or two before will help you decide how many layers you’ll need! If you do choose to wear layers, choose something that isn't too constricting so you’re free to move around and socialize. Cardigans are the perfect layering clothing!

Incorporate school colors: Winthrop school colors are garnet and gold, so find ways to mix that into your outfit! You don't have to wear all red or yellow, even accessory pieces work! Yellow is not a commonly owned color, so if you don’t own yellow, use gold jewelry to spice up your outfit! Wear a long gold necklace or bangles to try to incorporate some color.

Neutral’s are always acceptable! Your entire outfit does not have to be Winthrop themed. Black, tan, or white can also be mixed into your outfit.

The tailgate is from 11-4, and if you choose you go to the basketball game, you’ll be out longer, so wear comfortable shoes! Riding boots are always comfortable and go with every outfit, and if you choose to wear heels, choose booties or something with a thick wedge so your feet won’t get tired!

Now it's time to plan your outfit, try to incorporate a little bit of everything. Here are some sample ideas:

Happy Homecoming and stay trendy collegiettes!