Cuddle or Nah?

So, school is back in session. The leaves are slowly starting to turn colors. The nights gradually start to become colder. As the summer flings and long days end, the next season on the list is fall! And we all know what that means-- the holidays are coming! For some, the cold leads to a longing for warmth. A need for companionship. For others, companionship is just a text message or phone call away. For others, there isn't someone to hook up with.

Because of this, there have been terms made up to describe this magical time of the year. One of these terms I want to cover is cuddle season! What is cuddle season, you ask? Well, according to Urban Dictionary, the top two definitions are:

"Cold, wintery months that often force single women to stay at home and cuddle with their girlfriends instead of going out and getting laid."


"The time between October and February where singles rush to find dates for those holiday parties, meeting family, new year's kiss and lastly, Valentine's Day. Most of these will end in disaster."


I was curious to know what people thought, so I asked people what they do to prepare for cuddle season and I got a whole bunch of different responses.


Single Folk

“Mostly by asking out a girl. I'm routinely unprepared for cuddling.” - Collins W.


“I start flirting heavily with a female I'm interested in, so when winter hits I can use her warmth.” -Sinclair G.


“Get a teddy bear.” -Nefertari M.


“I get comfy on the couch, look at Chance (dog) and ask him if he wants to cuddle. That's about it. I haven't cuddle with a human in years.” -Chloe M.


“I do a whole pre-cuddle stretch routine. It's pretty intense. I wouldn't want to pull a muscle.” -Justin G.


“I'll be taking advantage of the Phelps visitor policy for cuddle season.” Savannah L.


Bit by the Love Bug (Taken)

“I like playing Call of Duty zombies with him while he is home, you know, just chill with him... But for this cuddling season I have my handsome (little) man to cuddle with! Forget my baby daddy!” -Samantha P.


“I'm engaged and if I feel like cuddling, I say, open up b***h I'm ready to cuddle!” -Emili H.


“Wash the quilts, buy new pillows, stock up on tea and cocoa. I just have to tell my man that I want to nuggle.” -Lindsey S.


“Dalton and I get one of our big fuzzy blankets out and hold each other on the couch. We are there watch TV, play video games, or just be with one another. Plus we make lots of hot drinks and fire up the crockpot!” -Britni G.


“I've been married two and a half years now. Cuddling involves comfy clothes, good movies, and video games. Our two kids love cuddling too.” -Allie M.


“Well obviously, first the kids have to be content with whatever they are doing. Sleeping, playing, pretending to read. Then you've got to get all the necessities-- water, snacks, phone chargers. Remove anything from pockets-- wallet, keys, phones. Get those out of here. Restrictive or sharp clothing-- bras with underwire, belts. Can't have those on you if you're trying to get serious about cuddling. You need the remote, and possibly a blanket and pillows. Now you're ready.” -Sarah B.


“Be sure to have enough hot chocolate and snacks, especially for rainy days! Keep a list of movies you'd love to watch… You can even turn it into a bucket list type thing. If it's spending time with your girlfriend then I say make time for some wine nights and binge watch shows!” -Itzel L.


“Every season is cuddle season for me. Whether it's with my boyfriend or my friends-- No shame. My boyfriend and I will pick a show on Netflix or Hulu to watch together. We're only allowed to watch that certain show when we're together. Some of my friends and I will pick a show that comes on weekly (AHS, Bachelor/Bachelorette.. etc) and have a wine night!” -Maclane R.


l like to prepare for cuddle season with lots of candles to keep my room smelling nice and cozy while I bundle up! I love holiday scents for this time of year! I also stock up on lots of stuff to bundle up and cuddle in while the BF and I relax. And of course, lots of hot chocolate (with marshmallows!) We usually watch TV, play video games, (games with two player story mode is our favorite) or trash talk a stupid (or cool) movie. 


To me, the season is about spending time with those you love the most.

Some people spend time with boyfriends/ girlfriends/ spouse, and others spend it with people they aren't romantically involved with. Either way, Who you spend it with and why shouldn't matter. What does matter is that you should want to spend time with that person because you genuinely love and care about that person.

Don't get with or become emotionally involved with someone just because you're lonely. That's not fair to that person, and more importantly, yourself. I think that if someone is meant to be in your life-- I'd like to believe that this is our “soulmate.” They will come to you.

So for those of you who don't have kids, let alone a cuddle buddy-- never fear! I believe that everyone is meant to have someone! It just takes longer for some than others.

*Insert inspirational music here.*