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Chandler Bing’s Best Episodes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

Since my first watch of Friends at fifteen, I have rewatched the series too many times to count. I’ve always loved Chandler’s character, the hilarious friend who always spoke his mind and wore his heart on his sleeve. These are my Top 10 Chandler Bing episodes (spoilers included!), one from each season of the show for the perfect Friends marathon in memory of Matthew Perry.

1. The One with the Blackout

In my favorite season 1 episode, New York loses power and Chandler finds himself stuck in an ATM vestibule with supermodel Jill Goodacre. Matthew Perry is definately the star of this episode as he takes us through Chandler’s internal monologue, trying to act cool but failing miserably. His dramatic interpretation of the night’s events crack me up every time.

2. The One Where Heckles Dies

In this early season 2 episode, Chandler has a bit of a quarter-life crisis after finding his old neighbor’s high school yearbook. My favorite scene is when he bursts into Monica and Rachel’s apartment, slams the door, and announces “I’m gonna DIE alone.” There is a lot of character development for Chandler in this episode, and the ending warms my heart.

3. The One Where No One’s Ready

In this iconic season 3 episode, each friend has unique barriers to getting dressed for Ross’ event in time but Chandler’s is the most ridiculous. Spending most of the hour fighting with Joey for a chair, this episode features Chandler at his most immature, but lovable as ever.

4. The One with Chandler in a Box

Chandler spends the holiday inside a box in this classic Thanksgiving episode to prove to Joey how much he cares about their friendship. It’s full of both hilarious and sweet moments between the two friends, and I watch it every November. When Joey finally lets Chandler out of the box and the two make up, it brings a smile to my face every time!

5. The One Where Everybody Finds OUt

This fan-favorite episode is a CRAZY one. Monica and Chandler spend the last few moments of their ‘secret’ relationship messing with Phoebe and Rachel in a hilariously weird competition. The climax of this episode is so funny that it makes me tear up. And the scene where Chandler gives in and announces to the room that he’s in love with Monica? Forget it, I’m a mess.

6. The One with the Proposal

The ending of this season 6 finale obviously makes me sob, but each twist and turn leading up to the big moment has first-time viewers on the edge of their seats. Chandler will tug at your heart strings this entire two-part episode as he ultimately realizes that how he proposes doesn’t matter half as much as who he proposes to. This is Chandler’s most romantic episode, and one of my favorites of all time.

7. The One with the Engagement Picture

Chandler and Monica struggle to take an engagement picture because Chandler cannot for the life of him smile for a camera! The grimacing look on Chandler’s face every time the photographer lifts up his camera is priceless and makes me giggle every time. This one may be an underrated episode, but one of my favorites for sure.

8. The One with the Halloween Party

Chandler’s adorable Halloween costume steals the show, but equally as funny is Joey showing up in a sweater vest dressed up as Chandler. I also crack up watching Chandler struggle through arm-wrestling contests in his pink bunny costume with both Ross and Monica. It’s an adorable expression of his character!

9. The One with Christmas in Tulsa

After spending the entire holiday away at work, Chandler surprises his wife and friends by quitting his job to come home in time for Christmas day. This is one of the sweetest episodes of Friends, and a nice one to rewatch during the holiday season.

10. The Last One

The Friends series finale is a tear-jearker full of surprises, and Chandler has many of the best moments. The final scenes make the episode, as Chandler and Monica bring home their new babies and the gang walks out together for one last cup of coffee. Chandler gets the perfect last line (“Where?”) of the show as they walk out of their apartment into the sunset.

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