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Best Ways To Save Money During the Holiday Season

It’s finally that time of the year again. Decorative pumpkins are out, Thanksgiving dinners are being planned, sweaters are hanging in the closet, Christmas gifts are starting to be bought, and… wallets are getting emptied.

Many people struggle with money on a regular basis, and the holidays do not make it any easier to those with financial issues – especially young adults that are working hard to get their lives started.

No fear, the money-saving hacker is here!

Remaining Thoughtful

While this article gives you tips and tricks to saving money on gifts, it does not at all imply that you should give no thought into what you pick out for people. You shouldn’t just go out selecting stuff that’s all less than $5 just to stick to your unrealistic budget. According to The Pricer, the reality is that Christmas gifts cost adults an average of about $850 every year. I would recommend shooting for a budget of $100-$200 total.

Even on a tight budget, it is very possible to buy amazing gifts for the people that are important to you. Do not forget what the purpose of giving gifts is simply because of your financial state!

Not only can you find affordable things to buy along with discounts and coupons, but you can split half of the price of a gift with someone and gift it from the both of you. You could do this with a friend, sibling, parent, or significant other. It doesn’t stop there – you can also get creative and make someone a gift from scratch! Think jewelry, hand-written letters, and baskets with small gifts inside.

Affordable Stores to Buy From

  • Dollar Tree/Dollar General: Do not underestimate the power of these super cheap stores! There are so many crafty and small things you can find to make your own gifts or gift basket. Don’t forget about that back wall with all of the gift bags and wrapping paper!
  • Walmart & Target: While one is slightly more expensive than the other, they have very similar items available in store. At these places you can buy a plethora of things: clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, CDs and vinyl, toys, arts & crats sets, and much more. Not to mention the gift card selections!
  • Amazon: Don’t think that I forgot about you online shoppers (it’s me, I’m online shoppers). Amazon has literally anything and everything that you could ever want and need. There are so many deals on this website and they also offer extremely fast shipping! College students can also have special Prime accounts.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Although it is not always ideal to wait to do your holiday shopping, it is a great way to snag amazing deals and save a lot of your money! Black Friday (also known as the day after Thanksgiving) is a day where practically every single store has the best discounts and sales on their products. You can find deals like BOGO, half-discounted prices, and special coupons offering good deals.

Of course, it can get super crowded and stuffy in stores on Black Friday. Whether you are uncomfortable with being in large groups (especially in COVID times) or simply prefer online shopping, Cyber Monday is perfect for you! If you don’t know what Cyber Monday is, take the definition of Black Friday but change the environment to completely online. Cyber Monday is the Monday right after Thanksgiving (and Black Friday), so it still gives you about a month to secure your gifts!

No matter what your financial situation is, you are still able to give your loved ones great gifts this year! What it really comes down to at the end of the day is that appreciation to the close people in your life is shown, whether it be through writing, handmade gifts, or store-bought goodies. Remember, the holidays are so much more than an excuse to spend money and receive gifts.

Happy Holidays!

Emma Oresic

Winthrop '24

Hi everyone! My name is Emma Oresic and I am a sophomore Elementary Education major at WU. Some of my favorite pastimes are painting, watching Netflix, and reading and writing.
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