The Best Tips Every High School Senior Going to College Needs Right Now

Can you believe it?! You're amost done! How excited you must be! Here are a few tips from someone who has been where you are now as you tackle the last part of your high school career! 

1. Enjoy the last little bit of time you have with your class

You've been with these people for the past four years of your life, and as ready as you think you might be to leave some of them, believe it or not--you'll actually really miss them. Even if you didn't necessarily get along, you still have so many memories with everyone, so take some time to make a few more before it’s all over.

2. Tell your friends what they mean to you before you all go your separate ways 

Just because you go to different colleges doesn't mean you won’t see your friends anymore, but in most cases, it isn't as often as you are used to. Let them know how thankful you are for their friendship and for putting up with you when you were stressed about application and scholarship deadlines. 

3. Take in all of the lasts 

For fear of getting too sappy I will simply say this — you will miss all of the little things more than you think so take time to take it all in one more time before it’s gone.

4. Be proud of how far you have come

You’re not that awkward little freshman anymore. You have more than you would have ever thought possible back then. You have grown in so many ways. Take a few moments to step back from everything and be proud of yourself for where you are and the distance you have come.

5. Don’t stop now, you're almost there

As tempting as it is to just stop trying in your classes just because you got accepted into college--never stop trying. Just push through the last few months. You’ve already done it for four years another month and a half isn't going to kill you I promise. Don't give into the senioritis!

Once you move onto the next step in your life, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you take on your first few months of college:

1. Don’t go home all the time 

As much as you will miss your family and your dogs, it’s really important to stay on campus to get a feel for what college life is actually like. Not going home will help you to get acclimated to your new surroundings quickly so it can soon start to feel like a new home.

2. Get as involved as possible

It really does make a difference when you're involved. Whether you're joining Greek life, a service organization, a sports team or a club, there is sure to be something on your campus that will peak your interest. Be a part of whatever that may be. It will help you make friends and ensure that you aren't stuck in your dorm room bored all the time. 

3. Don’t stretch yourself too thin

While it is important to get involved, it’s also important to take time for yourself. You don't need to take on everything at one time. College is a while new experience for you and you’re going to need time to get used to it. 

4. Go outside of your comfort zone

College is a whole lot of new things. You can reinvent yourself if you want to. It’s a time for you to do things that you would not have done in high school. Go outside of your comfort zone and try new things, who knows you might end up liking the world beyond your comfort zone. 

5. Stay in touch with the friends who will keep you on the right path 

Even though you might want to get away from everything when you go off to college don't forget where you came from. Keep in contact with the people who will encourage you to do the right thing, because sometimes that can be a struggle during your freshman year. These people want what is best for you so make sure you keep them around. 

Good luck, everyone! You're going to have a great four years!