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The Best Conspiracy Video Makers On YouTube

It seems like the majority of the population is either obsessed with conspiracy theories, or at the very least knows about popular conspiracy theories circling the internet.

I fall into the group of people that ends up spending all of their free time watching and researching conspiracy theories, so I decided that I would compile a list of some of the best conspiracy theorists for anyone else out there that is obsessed as me!


Shane Dawson

Shane has the best (and probably the most) conspiracy videos on YouTube. He talks about everything from 9/11 conspiracies to unsolved murders that have puzzled everyone worldwide. My personal favorite of his is the one regarding the Twitter Voicemail that nearly everyone thought had to do with the missing Malaysian airplane. Check it out here!   


Kendall Rae

Kendall Rae does most of her videos on crime cases such as kidnapping, murder, and even advocates for the end of sex trafficking, even selling merchandise where one hundred percent of the funds go to an organization whose main goal is to end sex trafficking and help the victims of the horrible trade. One of her most popular videos however, wasn’t about crime, but rather mermaids and the possibility of the City of Atlantis actually existing!  


Michelle Platti

Michelle is YouTuber that I just found and she is fairly young (around 19 years old) with awesome makeup skills. All of her conspiracy videos have a pretty funny twist to topics that popular in the media today.  Her most recent video being about the conspiracies about Friday the 13th.


Emma Chamberlain

Okay, so this last one is kind of a joke, Emma is only 16 and mostly does vlogs and photoshoot videos, but her one conspiracy video was SO hilarious. The video was obviously meant to be taken as a joke, and if really deep and serious conspiracy theory videos give you the creeps, Emma’s video is the perfect one to make you cry from laughter instead of out of fear. 


Of course there are plenty more people out there that have killer channels and podcasts dedicated mostly to conspiracy theories, but these are just a few to get your feet wet when it comes to the vast world of conspiracy theories!

Have fun exploring, Collegiettes!

Timiya is a freshman Early Childhood Education major. Her hobbies include writing poetry, binge watching Netflix whenever possible (even if she has a mound of homework she should be doing) and traveling. Additionally, Timiya's talents include being able to eat an entire bag of cookies in one sitting and relating any event to something that happened in A Series of Unfortunate Events.
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