Being a Pescatarian on a College Campus

First, let me go ahead and answer the question that you are all probably asking yourselves: what is a pescatarian?

A pescatarian is someone who does not eat meat but still eats fish.

Basically it is the middle ground between carnivore and vegetarian. 

As the new year rolled around I decided I wanted to do something different that would require me to challenge myself. One of my friends had already been a pescatarian for about four months and it seemed to be working well for her so I decided to hop on the crazy train and give up meat too. When I say crazy train, I mean it. Everyone around me thought I was absolutely insane, especially since 50% of my food intake was Chick-Fil-A. No one understood why I decided to give up meat, and to be completely honest I wasn't too sure myself. I just new that I wanted a change and was curious as to how it would effect my body and overall health. 

The first few days of living with a meatless diet I was at home over break so it wasn't that hard. I was able to prepare my own meals or go out to restaurants and order things that specifically did not have meat in it. I didn't really think it through that I would not be able to keep this up when I returned to college. 

Once I got back on campus I came to the realization that this whole pescatarian thing might be a little harder than I had anticipated. I never noticed how much meat I actually ate until I could not eat it anymore. This meant no more chicken tenders, pork in my burritos or turkey on my sandwich--even bacon in my salad was no longer an option. It took a little bit of adjusting, but eventually I found foods that I enjoyed eating that did not contain meat.

Things like veggie burgers, french fries and salads became my new favorite foods. Since my college typically does not serve a lot of seafood (not that I would be brave enough to eat it if it did) I was basically eating like a vegetarian.

It may not have been the easiest of transitions I have made but it has, in fact, been worth it.

I have been able to prove to myself that I can stick to some though even though it is difficult. I have learned that if I put my mind to something that I can make it work, even though my campus doesn't have the most option for people like me. Overall what I have learned from this ongoing experience is that I can do anything I set my mind to...and you can too, Collegiettes. 

Be brave, be strong and try new things. You can do it!