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My fellow Bachelorette stans, it went DOWN on the show this week ~ the dramatic episode that we’ve all been waiting for. I kind of assumed this week would draaaaaag on, only for all the good stuff to leave us hanging at the end like it usually does, but nope. Not this time. I was reeled in from the beginning. So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to get the details on the most dramatic episode in The Bachelorette history.

An Overdue Conversation

Chris Harrison – the man, the myth, the legend. This episode begins with a really important conversation between Chris Harrison and Clare. He sits down with her and basically calls her out on the way her season of the Bachelorette has been going. He tells her that the men in the house aren’t stupid. Everyone can see that she’s obviously head over heels for Dale. He proceeds to ask her if she and Dale had been talking prior to the start of the season. Clare swore that she hadn’t talked to Dale, but admittedly, she stalked his instagram and was already into him by what he posted on social media. Chris basically tells her that the show can’t continue as the Clare & Dale show, but Clare’s okay with that. She only wants Dale. Shocker. 

First Date? Fantasy Suite?

After the conversation, Chris Harrison had to relay the message to the guys that Clare had canceled the cocktail party for the evening. He didn’t give them any explanation, but he asked to see Dale outside. He told Dale that Clare canceled the cocktail party in order to spend time with him. So, Dale got ready and met Clare for a beautiful evening dinner. This date seemed like a “get to know you” date. I mean, really, this was Clare and Dale’s first 1 on 1 together. They talked about their parents’ love stories. Clare’s parents got engaged after 1 week, and let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Clare eventually opened up to Dale and let him know that she was falling in love with him. This is where I started shaking in my boots. I didn’t know how Dale was going to react to that, but… he said he was falling in love with her too. They had a romantic night under stars with a personal concert, and their night continued in Clare’s suite.. until the morning.

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What’s Next?

Receiving confirmation that Dale was feeling the same way as she was, Clare knew her season was coming to an end. But what’s next? Christ Harrison, the man of the hour, gives us the answer – a proposal. Clare agreed. She was ready to get engaged to Dale, but there was a lot to get through before that point. She questioned whether Dale would be ready to get down on one knee, and she knew she had to break the news to the other men in the house, who had been left in the dark.  She addresses the men, letting them know that she respects them but that she found what she came there looking for, love. The guys were hurt, and rightfully so. Kenny asked that she apologize, not for falling in love, but for wasting all of their time. This is when it got a little awkward. Clare started crying (another shocker) and said that she wouldn’t apologize for falling in love but she was sorry if she hurt them or wasted their time. All in all, this conversation didn’t end badly. Many men told Clare they respected her bravery and were happy for her. 

Will Dale Show Up? 

Is Dale ready for engagement? After ONE tiny date? After really barely knowing each other? Honestly, I didn’t think so. BUT DALE SHOWED UP. Clare and Dale exchanged beautiful words of affirmation, and much to my surprise, Dale got down and proposed to Clare. Yes, they actually got engaged! And *spoiler* they are still together. Do I think it was way too soon? Absolutely. But they seem happy, and I’m a sucker for a love story. Even one like this.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Time for Tayshia

The moment we’ve all been waiting for – it’s time for Tayshia. After finding out that Clare was leaving the show engaged to Dale, Chris Harrison let the men know that their journey would not be ending if they didn’t want it to. He understood if they didn’t feel ready to move on from Clare, and he gave them a few hours to decide whether they wanted to leave the show or continue. It was questionable whether Jason, who went on the first one on one with Clare, and Blake would stay on the show. But at the end of the night, they all decided to take a chance on whatever the next step would be. And the show ends with Tayshia stunningly walking up the resort right before she walks in to meet all the amazing men waiting to meet their new Bachelorette.


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I am SO excited for Tayshia to take over as the Bachelorette. I was frustrated with how Clare’s season was going, but I’m honestly happy that she found her happily ever after, and now we get a brand new start. Keep tabs on my page to read Bachelorette recaps every single week! 

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