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Bachelor Recap: Meet the Ladies for Ben Higgins

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

Alright ladies it’s time for that favorite time of the year again, The Bachelor. A time where we grab our girlfriends, grab a glass of wine, and turn on our TV to swoon over America’s new single hottie. What else could be more entertaining than a man dating numerous girls and televising their drama? This season’s bachelor is the ever so gorgeous Ben Higgins and boy is he a dream.

Many TV hosts and commentators have all agreed he is one of the shows sweetest bachelors they have had in a while (I would definitely agree). But the poor guy has probably had the strangest bunch of girls in his first impressions night I have ever witnessed.

From horses, to pajamas, a giant rose hat, to even a set of twins, let’s go through a couple of ladies Ben was fortunate enough to meet Monday night. For those of you who missed last night’s episode, we’ve got you covered on all of the deets:

Girls Ben Didn’t Send Home (sorry for the spoiler)

1. Lauren B – (25 yrs old) Flight Attendant


She started off the night by being the first out of the limo as well as the first to receive a rose at the ceremony. She couldn’t have looked more gorgeous in a long baby blue fitted trumpet style dress with a sweetheart neckline. She looked like a modern day Cinderella if you ask me and after her hello with Ben all he could say as she walked to the house was, “Wow what a great start.” She couldn’t have set the bar any better.

2. Caila – (24 yrs old) Software Sales Rep

“Little Miss Sunshine”

Caila couldn’t be any cuter; she was the second out of the limo and looked elegant but fun in a mid-length dark blue sequined dress. She got so excited to see Ben she ran straight to him and jumped in his arms. Luckily he caught her. So she used her cheesy pick up line, “thanks for catching me, can’t wait to CATCH up some more inside.” I think Ben definitely liked it and it showed how funny and cute she is right off the bat.

3. Jubilee  – (24) War Veteran

“G. I. Jubilee”

Jubilee is definitely a favorite. She seems tough and serious from her military background but her dry-ish sense of humor makes her awkwardness funnier. She looked gorgeous in her long white dress with a deep neckline and connected with Ben right away, so it’s no wonder she got a rose. Any girl that can kick some butt in combat would definitely impress Ben I think.

4.  Mandi – (28) Dentist 


Mandi is a dentist from Portland. That is the only way I feel I can start to describe her. She emerged from the limo wearing a giant rose headband. So giant that it almost fell off when she got out of the limo. While talking to Ben inside, she told him she had to check him for gingivitis (since she won’t date anyone who doesn’t floss or brush enough), and had even brought dental equipment to use. I have no further comment because I was shocked she received a rose at the end of the night.

5. Haley & Emily – (22) The Twins

“Double Trouble”

Yes, ‘twin’ was both of their occupation description. I am a twin so I have a little bit of bias towards their decision making. Never in a million years would I ever have the mental capacity to date the same man as my twin because that is just a recipe for disaster. However they are really sweet, a little ditsy, but Ben wants to get to know the both before ruling them out based on the fact that they are twins. Because even though twins may look identical no two twins have the exact same personality. Ben is smart to keep them around and see what comes of getting to know them both.

6. Amanda – (25) Esthetician/Mom

“The Mom”

Amanda is by far one of the favorites. She has a sweet baby voice, but carries herself well as a mature adult. She is the only mother on the show and she is the first to genuinely greet Ben and wish him luck on meeting the other girls after her. I think she will go far because Ben doesn’t seem like he is looking for a crazy party girl and he could settle down right away into a mature relationship with a built in family with her.

7. Jami – (23) Bartender

“Brought up the Ex”

Jami started out the night with a little bit of a foot in her mouth. When she first met Ben she mentioned that she was from Canada and people there know everyone, so she thought it would be a great idea to mention Kaitlyn, who less than a year ago broke his heart into pieces when he was one of three men left in the race or her heart. But she did leave some comic relief when she said Kaitlyn told her he had a big … heart. Maybe not the way to his heart but she made up for it when she talked with him later that resulted in her receiving a rose.

8. Lace – (25) Real Estate Agent

“50 Shades of Crazy”

Lace is really not a crowd favorite. She started off meeting Ben by asking him to close his eyes and she kissed him. Just because she “wanted to be the first.” Ben didn’t exactly love it and you could tell he felt awkward. Later she asked to re-do their kiss and he practically denied her. After a couple more glasses of wine and surprisingly receiving a rose, she pulled Ben aside after the ceremony and grilled him on why he didn’t look at her the whole time. Many people thought Ben should’ve taken her rose back right then and there but for some reason he is keeping her around.

9. Shushannah – (27) Mathematician

“No Hablo Russian”

She doesn’t speak any English. Literally there is nothing on camera that shows Ben and her conversing, but she received a rose. Maybe he wants some diversity in his life?

10. Leah – (25) Event Planner

Down, Set, Hike up my dress”

Leah was definitely one to remember. If you can’t recall, she is the woman who connected with Ben through football. That’s cute but no woman should ever hike a ball between her legs if she has to hike up her gold sequin dress to get it through there. Definitely not the best first impression but she definitely showed off her sporty side.

11. Joelle “JoJo” – (24) Real Estate Agent

“The Unicorn”

Who is Joelle you ask? Maybe if I said the unicorn? Yes that’s her. She emerged from the limo wearing a giant unicorn mask and she could barely navigate herself to Ben because of it and almost ruined her hair in the process.

12. Becca – (31) Chiropractic Assistant

“The Famous Virgin”

Becca is one of the two girls who came onto this season as a bachelor veteran and is famous for being on Chris’s season. She and Ben obviously made a connection since she received a rose as well. She drop dead gorgeous and seems to have good morals so why wouldn’t Ben be attracted to that?

13. Olivia – (23) News Anchor

“Ben’s Favorite So Far”

Olivia was definitely saved as best for last. She wore a gorgeous completely sequined silver gown that did nothing but impress and her personality didn’t disappoint either, she opened up to Ben about leaving this great job to try and find love with him and he appreciated her gesture. Her night ended with going into the rose ceremony stress free because she had received the first impression rose. Definitely my favorite so far.

The Ones Ben Sent Home

1. Tiara – The Chicken Enthusiast

Ben thought she was beyond gorgeous; he couldn’t stop saying it out loud as she walked away. However, she told the cameras that she debated for a while that she couldn’t figure out what was more important, her chickens? Or Ben? Ultimately the love for her chickens prevailed and she is happily going home to them now.

2. Lauren R – The Stalker

She went on and on about how she had stalked Ben on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and wouldn’t let Ben get a word in. the only bad thing is that the only words he was trying to say were, “What’s your name?” and she didn’t hear him …. Any of the THREE times he asked.

3. Laura – The Red Head

Her final quote, “Some people just aren’t really into red heads. They just aren’t.”

4. Maegan – Cowgirl Who Brought Her Horse

Maegan is just a good old country girl who loves beer, whiskey, and NASCAR. Sadly her horse was a bigger hit than her and her sailor’s mouth didn’t attract Ben the way she wanted it to.

5. Isabel “Izzy” – Wore the PJs

Her line to Ben and the other girls was that, “He’s the onesie for me!”

All photos are courtesy of ABC

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