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All you need is a good Hallmark movie


Okay girls — 

It’s hard to deny the fact that a good Hallmark Christmas movie is your guilty pleasure. It’s mine for sure. 


How can you not just love a cheesy, romantic movie. ESPECIALLY when it takes place around Christmas time!!


They makes your heart happy don’t they?


Now here’s the good news: Hallmark is releasing 24 NEW movies this Christmas season! 


So now you have the perfect excuse to sit down on the couch, snuggle up with your dog or comfy blanket, drink hot chocolate, and do nothing but watch Christmas movies all day long.


I understand that there may be some girls who have never seen a Hallmark movie before so I’ll give you the run down….

                   Girl/Guy is introduced 

                   Romantic Interest is introduced

                   They don’t like each other at first 

                   Girl/Guy has a conflict 

                   Romantic Interest let’s them down 

                   but then comes back and saves the day

                    They fall in love. 

                    They kiss. 

                    The End. 


That is how every Hallmark movie goes and its the absolute BEST.


You can even see some famous faces in these movies. 


People like Kellie Pickler (country singer), Candace Cameron Bure (Full House), Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill), and Erin Krakow (Army Wives). 


This Christmas season look for titles such as Picture A Perfect Christmas, A Mistletoe Secret, A Christmas Miracle, and Christmas Under the Stars…just to name a few.


Since we share such a wonderful love for Hallmark movies I will let you in on a little secret: 

          If you watch carefully, the 58th minute of the second hour is when the two main

          character kiss for the first time. 


Disclaimer: That secret is only true MOST of the time. But not EVERY time. 


Okay go climb on your couch or into your bed and start that Hallmark marathon right now! You do not want to miss out on these new movies!

Sarah Summerall

Winthrop '21

Currently a junior mass communications major and photography minor at Winthrop University, Sarah strives to work for a ministry or non-profit in the future. She loves to travel and has actually lived in Argentina for two months as well as Puerto Rico!! She loves movies, traveling, reading, eating tacos, and planning a wedding with her fiancé! She was born in Georgia but has spent the majority of her life in South Carolina! Even though she lives in SC she will pull for the Tennessee Volunteers any day of the week (Go Vols!). To follow her on instagram, you can follow her at sarahj_summerall !!
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