All About The Reformer - Enneagram Type 1

Personality typing has been around for quite some time; however, it seems as if the popularity associated with personality typing yourself and others has drastically increased in the past few years. I don't know about you, but using methods like astrology and personality tests (ex: Myers-Briggs) has come up in my coverstations with friends, family, and even strangers far more in the past year than ever before. 

As the popularity of personality typing has increased, so have the methods with which we are able to do so. The most recent personality test I've seen gain a lot of recognition is the Enneagram Test. Enneagrams are based on ancient wisdom and traditions and can be divided into nine distinct yet interconnected subtypes. After taking an enneagram test (if you're interested you can take the test here) you should get a nice little synopsis of the characteristics of the type (pros and cons), struggles you may face based on your type, and so much more.


Enneagram Type 1, also known as the Reformer (sometimes referred to as the perfectionist), is characterized by being conscientous, ethical, and having a strong sense of right and wrong. Type 1 people desire to improve things, advocte for change, maintain high standards, and ensure that everything is handled in a morally just way. This enneagram type, just like any other, has its positive and negative characteristics, so let's take a look at both! 

Positive Characteristics

  1. Wise 
  2. Realistic 
  3. Motivated 
  4. Orderly
  5. Fastidious  

Type 1 people strive to be good, uphold a strong sense of integrity, and acheive balance in all areas of their lives by using their "sense of mission" and degree of influence. 

Negative Characteristics 

  1. Inflexible 
  2. Perfectionism 
  3. Self-righteous 
  4. Intolerant 
  5. All-or-Nothing Mentality 

On the other hand, it their pursuit to improve the world around them, Type 1 people may fall victim to hard-headeness, impatience, and resentment related to their desire to reform and succeed. 

Famous Type 1's 

  1. Plato 
  2. Mahatma Gandhi 
  3. Kate Middleton 
  4. Nelson Mandela
  5. Henry David Thoreau
  6. George Bernard Shaw 
  7. Michelle Obama 
  8. Tina Fey 
  9. Julie Andrews 
  10. Meryl Streep 

Like anything in life, it is important to find balance. While many of the Type 1 characteristics are rooted in good intentions, it is easy to lost sight of ourself in an attempt to acheive the goals we have set. In order to avoid slipping farther into the negative spectrum of Type 1 traits, it is important for these individuals to learn to relax, accept that people and things do not change over night, and work to be less critical of yourself and others. 

All in all, this enneagram type has a lot to offer the world through honest and pure intentions. If you're friends with or know a Type 1, consider them a few extra words of encouragement or a simple pat on the back - coming from a type one herself, they may really need it!