Affirmations and How I Use Them

So, it’s no secret that 2020 destroyed all of our expectations and was the one to say “But wait, there’s more!” after telling yourself that this year couldn’t get any worse. After a horrible year that left me completely shattered, heartbroken and struggling to pick up the parts of me that were whole at the end of 2019, I was hopeless as to how I could ever build myself back up again. I can’t offer any quick fix solutions or guaranteed methods of building yourself up as I’m still healing and learning new things everyday about how I can be better for myself. However, something that has actually benefitted me somewhat was with the power of affirmations. I’m not going to get into the science of it, as it’s a controversial topic of if there are quantum mechanics at place or if it’s just a sham. Personally, I believe that your mindset can seriously change your mood, and to me, that’s why I use affirmations to get me through my days and weeks this year.

Girl with closed eyes and praying hands Photo by Ben White from Unsplash

            One powerful affirmation I like to use, and everyone else on Tik Tok as well is “I do not chase, I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me.” Many posts discussing the power of this affirmation usually describe past people or lovers that will pop back into your life after affirming this belief. I also like to think of this affirmation with anyone who enters my life: if they are meant to be in my life they will stay and that there’s no need to chase or beg for them to stay in my life. This affirmation brings me comfort as I’m telling the Universe that I’m letting go of my need to control my relationships as I believe everything happens for a reason.

woman wearing a white dress and jewelry Photo by nappy from Pexels

            I could go on to tell you about other affirmations I practice every day, but affirmations are extremely personal as each person has their own set of desires and goals for themselves. Rather, I’d like to express some ways you can strengthen your affirmations through your vibration. “Vibration” seems like a pretty intense word but it describes to outward energy that you out into the Universe. This is something I struggle with immensely as I can easily switch into a negative headspace, but here are some things that I highly recommend meditation to raise your vibration and match the energy of whatever you are trying to affirm. Hear me out: it can be hard if your already in a negative headspace and you’re trying to sit still with “no thoughts, head empty”, I totally get that. Whenever I meditate, I begin to really concentrate on my breathing. I inhale all the positive emotions and scenarios that I either wish for or past events that have brought me joy, and exhale the negative thoughts and emotions I feel at the time. It’s so much easier if you envision this process physically happening. I’ll repeat my affirmation usually out loud so that it blocks any other thought from taking away my focus and envision where I’d like to see myself in the future. After meditating for a few minutes, a have some good guidelines on how I should act as if I am already my best self. Doing this a few times a week has really helped me out and while this may not be your cup of tea, I would try giving affirmations a shot to improve your mood coming into 2021!

woman in black swimsuit meditating Photo by cottonbro from Pexels