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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

One of the hardest things after moving to a completely new area is finding new favorite places—in my case, finding some new thrift stores. Luckily though, Rock Hill is full of them! Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting since coming to Winthrop.

Tender hearts thrift store

This was the first thrift store I came to when I moved to Rock Hill, and it definitely set my standards up high. Tender Hearts is not very big in terms of the store’s size, but that is made up for in terms of selection. I’ve found some really good pieces here, including a pair of textured green pants that I just adore. One thing that stood out at me about this particular store was the jewelry selection. I’ve found two pairs of earrings (one of them I wear every day!) and a beautiful sterling silver bracelet. I’ve never had any bad luck here!


Now, I’m talking specifically about the Goodwill on Mt. Gallant Road in the Riverview Commons shopping plaza. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have terrible luck with Goodwill. But, after moving to Rock Hill, I was desperate. So I walked into this store not having too high of hopes, but I was pleasantly proved wrong—this Goodwill is one of the best thrift stores I have ever been to. Each section is so neatly organized, making it perfect for browsing and just pleasing on the eye! Their selection is massive, and it’s easy to get lost in digging around the racks. Here, I have found my favorite pair of shorts I’ve ever owned, a few knick knacks, and a belt to end all other belts: a Millennium Falcon themed one (and get this, the buckle is the ship!) The staff is so friendly and I’m honestly in a better mood whenever I visit the store. This Goodwill has certainly changed my perspective!

Hospice and Community care resale shop

This thrift store is just down the road from Winthrop! Located on Cherry Road in the Cherry Park Centre, it’s wedged right in the middle of a shopping complex, but take it from me: that’s always a good sign. Because of this, looks can be deceiving! Hospice and Community Care Resale Shop is huge. Their racks are neatly organized by size (which is kind of rare in thrift stores!) and color coordinated. When I first walked in, a rack of formal dresses caught my eye, and I found the prettiest blue satin dress, which I obviously tried on. And this leads me to my next point—dressing rooms! Thrift stores don’t often have dressing rooms, which can be hard to work around. Since all the clothes and pieces are so different and diverse, one size in a shirt can be totally different from the same size in a different brand. However, when I found this dress and saw a sign for a dressing room, this thrift store automatically won brownie points with me. The staff were so friendly and were chatting with everyone like they were old friends. And for those of you on the hunt for furniture, Hospice and Community Care has a ton! Even though I’m not currently in the market for some, I enjoyed perusing the section anyway. I will 100% be returning to this one soon!

Hi, my name is Raegan! I'm a freshman majoring in Journalism at Winthrop University. Alongside writing, I love to paint, read, play D&D, and nerd out about video games and music. Feel free to join me in my rambles! :)