9 Life Lessons Elle Woods Taught Us

Elle Woods from Legally Blonde has been a source of inspiration for every young woman since its creation 15 years ago. She is confident with who she is, determined to get what she wants, and never gives up. Everyone thought she was a blonde bimbo who would never accomplish anything, but she defied the odds and proved them wrongIf you're one of the rare few who haven't yet seen this movie, then head to Netflix right now to watch it and learn all the motivating life lessons that Elle Woods has taught us. 

She taught us that you should work hard, be diligent, ignore negative thinking, and keep going when times are hard. You really can reach your dreams. 

Don’t give up just because something seems impossible. If it was easy, everyone would do it! It's the difficulty that makes it great

Helping others is worth while, rather than only thinking of yourself.

You don’t need others to tell you your self worth. Remember, you are your own greatest asset!

Have the courage to fight for what we want and not let outside sources dictate our behavior.

Elle taught us not to waste our tears on boys.

And she also taught us that sometimes, "first impressions are not always correct."

We can't forget that Elle showed us that we can rock ANY outfit with confidence!

And finally, she taught us that we always need to have faith in ourselves.

Thanks for always being an awesome role model, Elle!