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8 Tips to Helping you Succeed in College

Sometimes, it seems like no one really understands the struggle that we are going through as college students. Some of us have to pay bills, work jobs, go to classes AND do homework at the end of every night (don’t even mention clubs and activities). Where did all of our free time go? (Oh, there it is…right out the window). 

So, what makes college students pursue an education so hard? Well, for some people it’s passion and for others it’s the fear of being stuck in a job they hate. But, being in college is hard, the papers are long, professors aren’t always as understanding as we would like them to be (though some are all stars), and the university certainly doesn’t mind adding to the stress with the bills they send at the beginning of every semester.

If you are a student that can understand the college life struggle, here are a few tips to helping you succeed along the way!


Tip #1: Say “Hello!” and Build Yourself 



Introduce yourself to anyone and everyone you meet. College is not the time to be a shrinking violet. You are here to make yourself known, audition for the part of most successful person on Earth, if you will. Make sure people will recognize you even if they don’t know you, but do so in a way that makes your reputation one that is respected. Don’t end up being that person who, when mentioned, is ridiculed. Though some may declare that they don’t care what other people think, in college it doesn’t matter whether you care or not, you may end up on the interviewee side of their desk someday, so your reputation building starts now. 


Tip #2: Find a Reason to Love What You Do



Even classes that are designed to your interests can seem boring on some days. The best way to get through each and every day is to find a reason to love what you’re doing. For example: imagine what would happen if Indiana Jones called you and asked you to accompany him on a wild adventure in Europe, or imagine that you might need to solve a murder in the future by determining the temperature at which a rock dissolves. Crazy? Yes. But, sometimes a little bit of imagination can go a long way. 


Tip #3: Become Failure’s Best Friend



I know, this may seem nuts, but hear me out. Life is all about failures. Get comfortable with it, embrace it and become best friends with it, because the more you fail, the more you learn. With failure comes experience but, that’s not all. Failure (like beauty) is in the eye of the beholder. Start seeing B’s and low A’s as failures. But, don’t focus too hard on the grade itself, focus on what you’ve learned and experienced. If you haven’t experienced something enough to be comfortable in doing it again, you’ve done it wrong, and you need to redo it until you like it or until it doesn’t matter anymore. If your failure is a shining star to everyone else, only then can you start succeeding.


Tip #4: Pursue Your Passion



Don’t major in something just to make money! This is probably the most important tip because one of the biggest mistakes those who come to college make is majoring in something that will make them money, instead of majoring in something that will make them happy. While money can buy material goods, it can’t buy long lasting happiness. Always pursue something that makes all of the cons worth it. Life is only so long and doing something that makes you drag your feet in the morning just for money is an awful way to live. Live for something you enjoy and even relish the chance to do. 


Tip #5: Take From Everything 



It doesn’t matter if you’re not a business major, because it’s beneficial to have professional etiquette. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an English major, they are well versed in written communication. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a sociology or psychology major, because these course subjects can help you understand the complex designs of people and social behavior. Every degree tract has something to offer. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it can’t help you. So remember, try and step out of your comfort zone of courses and try something in different fields of study!


Tip #6: Be Someone To Be Proud Of



If you’re not proud of yourself, then you’re not doing life right. Join groups that empower you and make you stronger. Make friends who push you to be better. But don’t mistake genuine criticism for insults because everyone needs criticism to make them better. Just don’t be fooled into friendships that are verbally abusive. Also, understand the difference between being proud of your accomplishments and being arrogant. 


Tip #7: Be Humble



It’s a fact that no one likes a bragger. The people who walk into class boasting about their test scores from three weeks ago are the worst. So, while it’s important to be proud of yourself and instill pride in yourself, be humble as well. So, know the difference between giving positive information about yourself to your peers and just being the person that everyone secretly hates. 


Tip #8: Believe In Yourself



While this may sound corny and cheesy, it is true that the best way to succeed is to believe in yourself. It’s proven that people who don’t generally think they can do anything, don’t actually end up doing anything. If you can support your friends and family, and believe in the great things that they can do, then you can do the same for yourself. Encourage yourself, expect great things, be honest and challenge yourself. Make your dreams come true and eventually make new goals for yourself along the way. 

So if you follow these tips to the best of your ability, you will be sure to have a successful, challenging and rewarding college experience. And remember, if you are feeling the stress from exams and those 10-page essays, Spring Break is just around the corner!

University: Winthrop Major: English, Literature and LanguageMinor: Professional WritingDream: Young Adult Novelist. University Professor. Female Version of Indiana Jones. Rich. Successful. Well-Traveled. Foster/Adoptive Mom. Life Motto: "To die would be an awfully big adventure, but to live would be an even greater one." --Peter Pan, J.M. BarrieLife Goal: To be happy and make other people happy. To do what I love. To help others find their passion.  
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