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8 Reasons Why Psych-O’s Can’t Wait For “Ittttttt” To Be Decmeber 7th

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

Attention all Psych-o’s!!! The long anticipated reunion of the Psychic detective and Pharmaceutical rep American Duo, Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster is just one month away.  Our hearts will finally be full of pineapples and ingenious introductions such as, but not limited to…


“I’m Shawn Spencer and this is my partner, Gus “Silly-pants” Jackson.”

“My name’s Shawn and this is my partner, Scoony ‘U-Turn’ Singleton.”

“My name is Shawn Spencer, I’m a psychic detective.  This is my partner Control Alt Delete.”

“I’m Shawn Spen-Star and this is my partner T.T. Showbiz.”

“I’m Shawn Spencer, this is my partner Jonathan Jacob Jingly-smith.”


For eight seasons Shawn and Gus ruled the Santa Barbara Police Department with their wild shenanigans, Shawn’s hyper observation skills, and their witty comedic chemistry on the hit crime dramedy Psych.  

We were all sad to see the duo, Juliet, Carlington Lassiter, Chief Vick, McNab, and Shawn’s father Henry leave the USA Network in 2014.  But the creators must’ve had psychic senses and picked up on our dying desire for a reunion when they announced this made for television 2 hour holiday movie.  


Are you hype? Because we are!  Here are 8 reasons to get hype before December 7th roles around!


1. The amazing promo videos


2. The Guest Stars

Zachary Levi

John Cena

Ralph Macchio




4. The reprise of the Blueberry

5. Gus’s shrieks and shrills


6. The “Gus don’t be…” jokes  

7. The passing of the pineapple


8. Potential for more Psych movies… say whatttttt


At the New York Comic Con panel the Director hinted at a cliffhanger.  That’s a clue for a second movie right? 


Get ready to get psyched out lads and gents, Shawn and Gus are ready to “Suck Ittttttt” on December 7th @8 on USA.

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