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7 TV Shows You Should Be Watching

Are your classes this semester so easy that you have hours upon hours of free time? Do you want to switch things up and not use any of this free time to have a social life? Maybe instead, your classes are so difficult that you need 45 minute breaks in between each homework session. Or perhaps it is your greatest ambition to hole up in your room for four months, ruin your 20/20 eyesight, fail all your classes and be put on academic probation.

In any case, don’t worry. You have perfectly valid reasons to start watching a bunch of new TV shows and here are seven fabulous shows to start you on your self-destructive path.

1. The 100

This show is first on my list for a reason. One hundred teenagers from a dying space Ark are sent to Earth to see if it’s habitable after a nuclear war destroyed it 97 years ago. They are the only hope for humankind’s survival, or so they think. With each new episode you think the show can’t get any better, and then it does. With crazy plot twists, non-cliché character arcs and glowing forests, why would you put off watching it for one more second? The first season is on Netflix and the second season is now playing on the CW.

2. Eye Candy

This show has only aired 4 episodes so far since January, and I’m already addicted. Victoria Justice stars as a Cyber sleuth whose sister was kidnapped in front of her only a few years ago. She is now being stalked by a serial killer who is in love with her, while she helps the police solve Cyber-crimes. If that doesn’t make you want to see it right now, I don’t know what will. Oh, there’s also an adorable blossoming love story, so that's a plus. This show is currently on MTV.

3. Reign

This show is stocked full of historical inaccuracies in the most delightful way possible. It is about the reign of Mary Queen of Scots and Frances the King of France, as everyone tries to destroy them. The drama is never-ending, with almost every character being in love with every other character at some point and murderous plots being planned on a daily basis. There’s a bit of death, as this is set in the 16th century. If you want a much tamer, less magical version of Game of Thrones, this is the way to go. The first season is on Netflix and the second season is currently playing on the CW.

4. Jane the Virgin

This is a comedy/drama about a virgin, Catholic girl who is accidentally artificially inseminated and all the troubles which ensue. The hilarious cast is what makes this show really memorable. From Jane’s dad who is a dramatic, soap opera star, to her feisty Mexican grandmother who whips out her religious advice in Spanish at the slightest provocation. The cherry on top is the random Hispanic narrator with a biased point of view. The first season is still playing on the CW.

5. Outlander

This is a British TV show set in Scotland during both the 20th century and the 18th century. (The show has quite a bit of time travel). An English woman who served as a nurse in World War II is on vacation in a small Scottish town with her husband when some unknown magic sends her 200 years back in time. She spends her time trying to find her way back to the 20th century, but love and war present dangers she could have never imagined. The second season starts April 4, 2015 on BBC.

6. Les Revenants (The Returned)

The show's setting is a French town, which has been hit with a supernatural act that causes loved ones to return from the dead. An eerie mood pervades this story as the audience wonders whether the returned are evil or not. It is art, pure and simple, with believable characters and a fantastical plot. Yes, it is completely in French, but that did not take away from its effect (don't worry, it has subtitles). The acting is first-rate and the suspense is constant. It has actually won numerous awards, in France and abroad, for its superb acting, production, and screenplay. The first season is available on Netflix with the second season in the works.

7. Mozart in the Jungle

This show recounts the story of an eccentric Italian maestro named Rodrigo who replaces the previous conductor for the New York Symphony. This story is also about the players in the New York Symphony, their pains and troubles. The show highlights musicians who desperately wish to be in the symphony, such as oboist Hailey who struggles to achieve her dreams amidst money troubles and anxiety. All of the characters are refreshingly non-cliché and believable, and the plot is full of surprises. The first season is on Amazon Prime with rumors about a second season.


Maybe you’ve heard of some of these from your raving friends and just haven’t started your marathon for fear of becoming a recluse. If so, I’m here to tell you that it’s worth it. At this very moment, four of these shows are available to stream on Netflix, and you can find the rest in more interesting places. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to catch up, for all of the shows are on their first or second season. Go for it, and don’t let your boring homework get in the way.


'ello. I'm a sophomore at Winthrop University, majoring in English-Creative Writing. I'm currently writing a magical realism novel trilogy, which I hope to finish by the time I graduate. J. K. Rowling is my Muse and Lemony Snicket is my inspiration. I actually love singing and playing piano more than I like writing. I'm an incurable introvert, so I spend most of my free time reading books, sleeping, and watching Netflix. I don't get out much... I say lolz too much. idk
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