7 Reasons Why Christmas is the BEST Season

Collegiettes, Christmas is only a few weeks away and the holiday season is finally kicking into high gear!

We all know that while the holiday season can be rather stressful - finals week, buying gifts, and picking the perfect outfit for all of your festive holiday parties can really take a lot out of you. However, the Christmas season also has a TON of exciting things to offer. Here's a few of our favorites!

1. The discounts and sales

In the era we live in now, Christmas starts the day after thanksgiving aka "Black Friday." Starting this day, and into December, stores seem to have great sales and discounts. The sales are so good most times you end up walking into a store for just one gift but find yourself leaving with an extra 10 bc the deals were too irresistible! I mean you really didn't need 5 candles, 10 pairs of fuzzy Christmas tree socks and a huge tin can of popcorn, but what if your co worker gave you a gift and you forgot to give them one? Now you're sure to have some extra goodies you can give them on short notice!

2. The food

I mean… sugar cookies, caramel popcorn, candy canes, little Debbie Christmas tree cakes, not to mention Grandma’s homemade Christmas dinner! Lets be honest the food is one of the biggest reasons why you go to your work Christmas party or neighbors Christmas celebration. Plus the friends and neighbors that give you homemade Christmas baked goods as gifts. Can it get any better than that?!

3. The decorations

The whole world stops and everyone makes sure every place looks like it is in the Christmas spirit, and it is honestly the greatest thing ever! To walk into a store or downtown and see huge Christmas trees and lights everywhere, it definitely makes you smile!

4. Family and friends

Everyone has a break from school or work, and no one is stressing about life. It is nice to actually be in the moment with people and not have to worry about anything while you enjoy each others' presence. For once talk you can about things not related to school and homework. You can even stay up all night with no worries that you'll be late to your 8 am class the next morning or the staff development meeting you're already dreading. 

5. Giving and receiving

I mean, Christmas is just an all around great time for giving. After all, it is “the season of giving,” and being able to give a gift to someone, to see their face light up and be super grateful for whatever it was that you gave them is nothing less than heart-warming. It also makes you realize how lucky and fortunate of a person you are. And if we are being honest we all love receiving gifts too! Especially if it was a pair of boots or a ring you had been wanting for a long time. 

6. The music

You can't argue that Mariah Carey and other great Christmas artists do not produce some of the best music ever! There is just something so special about it and gets everyone in the celebration mood. You'd definitely be lying if you said you hated Christmas music! 

7. The fun

From decorating gingerbread houses with friends, ice skating, drinking hot cocoa in the near by coffee shop, driving around looking at the best Christmas decorations, and jamming out to the music, CHRISTMAS TIME CALLS FOR A CELEBRATION SO LIVE FOR IT!!!!

Have a wonderful holiday season, Collegiettes!