7 Gifs That Describe a College Snow Day

If you grew up in the south like me, you probably think snow days are a big deal. One inch feels like three and three inches feels like ten. Here are 7 gifs to help explain the excitement that college students feel this time of the year.


1. Waiting for the "Class is Canceled" email.


2. ... and then FINALLY getting the good news.


3. Trying to get rest before the "big day".


4. Bundling up to face the cold.


5. Realizing snowball fights are over-rated.


6. Going back inside because being wet and cold is not your favorite.

7. Ending your snow day with hot cocoa and Netflix.

So pull out your heated blankets and enjoy your hot chocolate on your class-free day. I know we will all be patiently awaiting our next snowy adventure.