6 Spur of the Moment Day Trips to Take This Weekend

Even though classes have just started, homework, projects, and papers are piling up.

Before you get wrapped up in school assignments, make sure to take some time for yourself! There is no better way to relax and clear your head of all the stress that comes with classes than to explore the outdoors. So, grab some friends and treat yourself to a day off campus!

1. Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock is a small village located less than two hours from Winthrop. If you want to look out at breathtaking views and hike to waterfalls, this is the perfect getaway! If you are looking for a slower pace, you can stroll down the streets, grab a bite to eat, walk through the village shops, or even go relax by Lake Lure. Either way, Chimney Rock is the perfect day trip to escape from the stress of campus life!

2. Carrigan Farms

Most Winthrop students have never heard of Carrigan Farms, but this hidden gem is located just one hour away from Winthrop. With a variety of activities from swimming to apple picking, you will not be disappointed with this day trip. So, grab your friends, pack a picnic lunch, and dive into the quarry to cool off before summer is over!

3. Hanging Rock State Park

Hanging Rock is a state park with breathtaking views. Hike, rock climb, fish, kayak, swim, or just relax and enjoy a picnic with your friends. Whatever it is you enjoy, Hanging Rock State Park has it. Although it is a little more than two hours from campus, the drive is well worth the stunning views and unforgettable memories that are sure to be made.

4. Crowders Mountain

If you don’t want to travel as far but still want amazing views, try Crowders Mountain. Located just 45 minutes from campus, it makes the perfect place to unplug and forget about school for a day. 

5. Happy Hills Alpaca Farm

Do you really need an excuse to go hang out with a bunch of Alpacas for a day? Happy Hills Alpaca Farm is an animal lovers dream come true. Located less than an hour from campus, petting and feeding the alpacas is a perfect afternoon getaway.

6. Sliding Rock

Sliding Rock is a natural slip-and-slide for children and adults. It is a can’t miss experience that gives you an excuse to release your inner child! Although it is a little more than two hours from Winthrop, it is right next to Asheville. To make the most out of this day trip, brave the slide during the day and explore downtown Asheville at night.

Collegiettes, the semester is getting busy fast, so check out these awesome destinations while you still have time!