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5 Thoughts Everyone Has About 8am Classes

Now I know that we all worry about 8 am classes and try to avoid them at all costs, but sometimes that isn’t possible. 8 am classes are stressful because they are early in the morning and all you want to do it sleep. Also, there is a bigger chance of you missing that class.

There are always a bunch of thoughts running through your mind as you are braving your dreaded 8 am, so here are some of those thoughts!


1. Is it really time to get up?

The dreaded alarm clock rings and the daily struggle is to answer questions like; “Should I get up and get ready?” “Should I hit snooze and sleep some more?” “Should I just turn off my alarm and skip class?”


2. Why did I do this to myself?

In college, students schedule their own classes and most students do not want 8 am’s. Sometimes, people think it is a good idea and regret it later (been there, done that). 


3. Do I REALLY need this class for my degree?

We always have those classes that we do not like and always wonder how that particular class has anything to do with the degree we are trying to achieve, especially if it is early in the morning. 8 am classes are hard enough without us feeling that we really don’t need that class. 


4. I should be going to sleep

Now I know I am not the only one who says to themselves, “I need to go to sleep,” KNOWING that you have an 8 am the next day. Then, you stay up until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning and regret it the next day. Then . . . you probably do it all over again the night before your next 8 am. 



If you are anything like me, you need some kind of caffeine in the morning. Something needs to help you stay awake for those awful early morning class and coffee is always a good way to go. 


HANG IN THERE COLLEGIETTES! 8 am classes are not that bad . . . once you are done with them ;) 

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