5 Things to Inspire You Daily

With a new school year beginning, it can sometimes be hard to get into the swing of things and immediately be motivated to do your best. Sure, it’s a fresh start and you’re excited. But you may be a little nervous too. We all have new classes to study and prepare for, as well as adapt to a totally new routine.

If you’re like me, then you look for motivation to get through the day in the people, places, and things around you. Finding a positive light in something we love doing or someone we enjoy being around helps us to feel happy and inspired to continue through the day.

I know how life can become overwhelming at times, so I’ve compiled a list of the most important people and things that provide me with daily inspiration to stay positive and keep moving forward. I hope they help encourage you and get you thinking about what influences you!


1. Parents / Family Members

I’m very family oriented, so my parents and siblings are considered my biggest source of support and motivation in both the good and bad times. Family members are there to encourage you, hold you up, and tell you that everything (no matter how bad it may seem in the moment) is going to be all right! I can’t thank my family enough for being my go-to people to confide in.

2. Friends / Roommates 

Friends and roommates can be the people you rely on most throughout your college experience. These are the ones you’re going to see on a daily basis, so it’s important to surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up—not tear you down or distract you from your goals! Forming close relationships with the people you share a room or a class with can help you to see new backgrounds and experiences in others. That in itself can be inspiring towards helping you to change how you think about the world or how to treat others.


3. Significant Other

A loving significant other can provide endless amounts of encouragement and inspiration for you to accomplish your goals. Apart from family or friends, this is the person who knows you the most and cares about your wellbeing unconditionally. From personal experience, my boyfriend is the person I can always rely on to share my most intimate thoughts, struggles, and achievements. He’s a special piece to my support system, and I constantly find inspiration in his words to keep doing well in all that I do. 


4. Movies / TV Shows

We’ve all binged watched a TV show or gotten too attached to a character in said show or movie, so don’t be surprised when I say that the things you watch can affect your outlook on life. Think about why these forms of entertainment bring you so much joy, and use that joy to stay positive throughout the day. Also, try and memorize a few quotes that you can use to be inspired or motivated towards a particular point in your life. These words of encouragement can be just as effective as the words spoken by people around you who you trust.

5. Positive / Uplifiting Social Media Accounts

Now we’re all guilty of scrolling through our social media for a little too long sometimes. We might as well make that time a more positive experience! I encourage you all to follow Twitter and Instagram accounts that post personal stories, motivational messages, and positive affirmations. These will provide a change of pace from what you probably normally see when scrolling through social media. Here are a few that I follow that I absolutely adore! (Oh, and remember to never compare your personal journey to anyone else's online. Redirect your mind onto things that matter: yourself!) 









Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel)

Motivational Quotes (@DavidRoads)

F. Scott Fitzgerald (@F_ScottFitz)

Thoughts of Dog (@dog_feelings)

Simon Sinek (@simonsinek)


So go out and find inspiration in the people and things you encounter every day. You’d be surprised to find out that there are countless outlets to keep you happy, motivated, and firmly on the track to success. I hope these have helped to inspire you or simply reminded you that there is always someone there for you whenever life feels like it isn't going according to plan.