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November is here which means we are nearing the end of the semester. Life is feeling busy, and Netflix feels like a great way to unwind after a busy day. However, another way to decompress is to put on those headphones and take a listen to an unwind playlist. I am a huge fan of playlists and create them for all occasions. Here are some of my favorite songs to listen to after a long day of school or a rough day of work.

1. “Levitation” by Beach House

Victoria’s voice in this song is what does it for me, it’s incredible. She transports you back to a time of feeling free, “I’d go anywhere you want to.”

2. “Gravity Rides Everything” by Modest Mouse

This is my favorite Modest Mouse song. The theme of this song is to let go of what you cannot control. If you are feeling overwhelmed with life take a listen to these lyrics because they will remind you that “It all will fall, fall right into place.”

3. “Seventeen” by Sjowgren

Seventeen is the time for experiencing heartbreak for the first time and drama that felt like the end of the world. Now as an adult when I think back to being seventeen, I remember a time of being free with no worries. This song makes me feel all the good things of being seventeen. The chorus even makes me want to dance like I am seventeen again, “I’m not in a hurry, not going nowhere I’m not going nowhere.”

4. “It All Feels Right” by Washed Out

Sometimes when ever thing feels like it is all going wrong it is best to think about the times everything works out. This song offers great advice for when you are in a funk, “Close my eyes. Think about the old times. What’s it all about? The feeling when it all works out.”

5. “Hold On” by Alabama Shakes

This song is a great reminder for when you hit a rough patch that you “gotta hold on”. The mixture of Brittnay Howard’s vocals, and the blend of blues and southern rock will also carry you into a positive mood.

Life is difficult, you will experience highs and lows. Sometimes all you need is an outlet during your lows, and if it not through your own craft it can be through enjoying another person’s work of art.



Whether she’s hiking with her family or trail running through nature, Cecilia loves taking photographs of her journey through life. She studies history at Winthrop University and will graduate in 2022.
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