5 Reasons You Should Read Young Adult Literature

Hey, you! Yeah, you! It's time to hit the books (for fun).

I know the thought of reading a book in the little free-time you have as a college student seems crazy, but there are plenty of reasons why reading is good for you. I’m here to recommend picking up some young adult literature (YA for short), because it’s a great change of pace from the classics you’re reading in English or those case studies in Biology.

If you have time to watch 3 seasons of your favorite show on Netflix, then you can definitely find time to read from a genre that’s specifically written for us! Here are some reasons why you should pick up a YA book today:


1. Variety

YA literature is unlike any other genre you’ve heard of. There’s such a large variety of stories filled with characters our age and younger who embark on amazing journeys. There’s always hope at the end of the story where the mighty dragon is defeated or your favorite characters fall in love. The main character overcomes all of his or her problems, coming out the other side as a new person. Whether you enjoy romance, fantasy, adventure, mystery, dystopia, or LGBTQ representation, there’s something in YA for everyone!

2. Relatable Characters and Situations

This is one of my favorite things about YA stories. One of the prime messages in all YA books is that different characters, especially the protagonist, have to face real world problems and learn to adjust in the transition from childhood to adulthood. We might not be overthrowing governments or winning the Hunger Games, but we are all discovering how to handle new relationships, figure out what we have a passion and desire to pursue, and realize our true identities in this world.

3. Escape from Reality

You’ll find it much easier to dive into a YA novel compared to the British literature that you study in English because this genre is more modern and well fit to relate to today’s language, technology, and pop culture references. The dystopian societies and magical worlds are outrageous and make-believe, but they are remarkably entertaining. It’s similar to hopping onto Netflix to watch a movie; only instead, you’re opening up a book and letting a movie play in your head. You’re the director, so imagine it any way you want to!

4. Keep Up with the Trends

We’ve been through the Harry Potter craze, we’ve survived the Edward vs. Jacob debate from Twilight, we all drowned in our tears during The Fault in Our Stars, and now every girl wants a Peter Kavinsky after seeing To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. But you know what? For all of those movie adaptations, the book was even better. So keep up with—or even get ahead on—the latest teen movies hitting theaters or Netflix by reading the story where they originated.

5. Reading is fun!

It’s true. The whole experience surrounding reading can be your own personal adventure. Find out where a local bookstore is, or just skim through the collection that the campus library has to offer. Either way, reading a YA novel will give you an imaginative experience for the time in which you read it. Open it up, and let the story consume you!

With all that said, reading YA will take your imagination to new heights, but most of all, you will learn that everyone goes through good times and bad. We will all overcome the situations that lie before us, and we will be better people having learned from them. Happy reading Collegiettes!