5 Reasons Why I Wish I Was as Cool as My Bitmoji

Who else is obsessed with their Bitmoji? I know I am. For me, no text message or Snapchat is complete without an appearance from my Bitmoji look alike. I've decided to compile a list of 5 reasons as to why I wish I was as cool as my Bitmoji! 

1. You can switch up your hairstyle without the commitment. 

One day you can rock long wavy locks and the next, a sick mohawk. In the Bitmoji world, there's no such thing as haircut anxiety and that's a world I would want to live in!

2. You have an endless supply of *free* clothes!

What girl wouldn't want to live in a world where with every *update* you get a whole new wardrobe...for free...from some huge, brand name designers? My Bitmoji rocks Steve Madden on the daily. Me? Not so much. 

3. You can "hangout" with your friends without ever having to leave your bed.

Look at all the fun my Bitmoji and her friends are having while I am cuddled up in my bed, sipping wine and watching "Scandal". With Bitmoji, you and your friends can hangout and do way cooler things than you'd ever be able to do in real life...minus the need to get out of bed and put on real pants. 

4. Your hair, makeup and skin are always on point!

Ever seen a Bitmoji with a zit or a hair out of place? Me either. 

5. Your Bitmoji says everything you wish you could.

There is a Bitmoji for every emotion and every situation. All I know is I will never be as brave or funny as my Bitmoji is. 

Overall, I truly love my Bitmoji. She's the way cooler version of myself and I'd love to spend just one day in her world! If you don't already have the Bitmoji app, head over to the app store and get it!

You won't be sorry, Collegiettes!