5 Reasons That Christmas is The Best

Between humming jingles on your walks through the snow and getting snug underneath the thick fibers of your favorite wool sweaters, the happiest time of the year is finally here. Christmas is loved and anticipated for many different reasons, but there are five specific downright perfect things about the holidays—so check them out and tell me you don’t agree!

Here are the five reasons why Christmas is the best!


1. Christmas Carols

Maybe getting “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” stuck in your head for three days straight is annoying in July, but in December? BRING IT ON! I would most certainly volunteer to listen to that—or any Christmas carol, for that matter—on repeat all month.


2. Hot Chocolate

Now, I’m not saying you can’t drink hot cocoa throughout the year—because let’s be honest, it’s a gift straight from Santa Clause himself—but there’s just something special about sipping it while watching old school Christmas movies with your family. How many marshmallows do you like in your mug?!


3. The Chance of Snow

Does anyone else remember the old “turn-your-pajams-inside-out-and-sleep-with-a-frozen-spoon-under-your-pillow-trick?” Because I do! I mean…I *still* do this to increase the chance of snow. Can we maybe set a petition up to have the entire school participate in this so we can have a Winthrop snow day?!?


4. Giving and Getting Presents

Even though I’m broke as a goat, there’s genuinely nothing better than spending the rest of my money on presents for my family and friends. Whether you open presents the night before Christmas, on the day of Christmas, or Christmas night, there’s no greater feeling than seeing your mom and dad’s faces light up at the sight of that random thing they’ve been talking about wanting for months. And trust me—your parents are getting that same feeling seeing your face light up, too.


5. Time Off School

What kind of online college magazine would this be if there wasn’t this thrown into the list?! After a long, hard semester of no sleep, difficult testing and too much coffee, time off school is absolutely necessary. Going home to reunite with your friends, your family and most importantly—your pets—is amazing. I would be lying if I haven’t been laying in bed at night the past month dreaming about being home with good food and even better company.


Collegiettes, no matter what your holiday plans are, you’re bound to have a great break. Between the songs, the snacks and the snuggles from all your favorite people, Christmas break is priceless. And even though this list shows “things” that are great about the holidays, remember it’s the people and the moments that are truly the best.

Give, donate and love this Christmas season. Have healthy and safe holidays, everyone!