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5 Places To Visit And Experience Your Favorite Scenes From Nicholas Sparks Movies

If you’re ever feeling adventurous enough to explore the South one weekend, consider taking an impromptu road trip to any of these beautiful cities that were the film locations for Nicholas Sparks movies.


1. Attend the 4th of July Parade as shown in Safe Haven in Southport, North Carolina.

Although the cast of the movie didn’t participate in the actual parade on July 4th, more than one thousand community members of Southport, NC came out to recreate the city’s iconic summer event for the movie’s climatic final scenes. 


2. Visit the Magnolia Plantation in New Orleans, Louisiana to see where Amanda and Dawson fell in love in The Best of Me.

The Magnolia Plantation was used as Amanda’s childhood home, and was also was used in the movie 12 Years a Slave.


3. See where Savannah first met John in Dear John at the Isle of Palms Fishing Pier in South Carolina.

Hopefully you won’t drop your purse into the sea like Savannah did. But, on the off chance that you do, hopefully Channing Tatum is there to save it for you.


4. Visit Tybee Island, South Carolina in the hopes of finding some sea turtles like Ronnie and Will did in The Last Song.

Don’t worry if you don’t, though! You can still spend time on the beautiful beach and enjoy the scenery. 


5. Stroll through the Cypress Gardens of Moncks Corner, South Carolina like Noah and Allie did in The Notebook.

You may not get to paddle around in the water with swans as the lovers did, but you can at least experience the tranquility of the gardens and whimsical trees.


If you choose to venture out to any of these romantic locations, be careful not to get hung up on finding your “Mr. Right.” Enjoy seeing new places and spending time alone or with your friends- the right person will find you soon enough!

Sophomore sociology major on the volleyball team at Winthrop University. Raised in Reno, Nevada. Milkshake lover, coffee addict, and Channing Tatum movie junkie!
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