5 Emotional Stages of Watching American Horror Story: Cult

This season of American Horror Story's: Cult has been insane so far and has kept fans going wild on Twitter and Facebook. The show is an emotional roller coaster and keeps viewers on their toes throughout each episode. From Twitter to Facebook fans have been tweeting and posting about the shows crazy twist and turns.

Here are the five emotional stages of watching AHS Cult.


1. Anticipation

The beginning  of each episode keeps viewers anticipating what crazy thing will happen.


2. Anger

The second is anger because of the constant frustration of not knowing what is going to happen and watching your favorite characters being killed off one-by-one. This seasons Evan Peters character is the most frustrating of all.


3. Shook

SHOOK! Because who saw that coming! Ally's wife has us shook. am I right?


4. Speculating

Mid-episode you start speculating about who is in the cult, why they're in the cult, who's going to join the cult next, and who's going to die next episode.


5. Excitement

Lastly, is excitement because the show is amazing and keeps viewers on their toes each episode. You can't help but be excited for the rest of the season and how it will contact with an older season!

Overall, this season has everyone shook and we can't speculating what's going to happen next. Whether Even Peters character is going to be caught for his wild ways? Or if they'll ever fire the baby sitter? Will August ever have a normal life? How is there restaurant still running? The questions are endless so let's hope the rest of the season is amazing and Ryan Murphy keeps viewers wanting more from the magnificent world of American Horror Story.