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September is upon us and in just a few weeks, it will officially be fall! If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing more that I love than a fun, cute, and cozy game to occupy my evenings during the chilly fall nights. A cozy game is described as “any feel-good game that gives you the space to escape and unwind”. Although I do love action video games, cozy video games are perfect for the fall semester, as sometimes I just need a comfortable, safe escape from the hectic world of school and adult responsibilities.  

I’ve compiled a list of five cozy games that hit just right during the fall season—or any season for that matter!  

  1. Spiritfarer- Available on Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Mac, Android, and iOS. 

This is one of my favorite cozy games of all time. It’s a cozy game that deals with dying—but it’s not as morbid as it sounds! You play as Stella, a young girl who is tasked with ferrying spirits to the afterlife, hence the title “Spiritfarer”. It’s an adorable game filled with lovely visuals and mechanics, with an even lovelier ambiance. The gameplay is relaxed and allows for the player to make choices on where to go in the world, but still maintains a storyline. There are times when it tugs at your heartstrings, as the game does deal with death, but overall it’s a wonderful cozy game that will definitely be worth your time this fall! 

  1. Stardew Valley- Available on Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Mac, Android, and iOS.  

This is a classic cozy game and one you’ve probably heard of if you’ve delved into the world of video games! Stardew Valley takes place in the world of Pelican Town, where you can customize a character of your own to take over a farm that was passed onto you by your grandfather. You can interact with the other civilians of Pelican Town, forge relationships, and even have the option to marry someone if you wish! The game has changing seasons and you can choose to spend your time growing crops on your farm, going mining in the caves around town, fishing, or interacting with the characters in Pelican Town. Personally, this is also one of my favorites. I love the calming atmosphere and being able to take care of my own farm and animals. Stardew Valley is a renowned cozy game and for good reason! 

  1. Bear and Breakfast- Available on Nintendo Switch and Windows. 

Bear and Breakfast is an adorable game where you play as a bear named Hank, who is trying to run a bed and breakfast in the woods! It definitely has a cozy fantasy element to it, since you play as an animal running a B+B for other animals and humans too! Much like Stardew Valley, you get to tend to your area and decorate it to create a homey, cozy bed and breakfast! You build your bed and breakfast from the ground up and manage it as you see fit. However, it is an early access game (developers release early versions/builds of a game before it is officially released!), therefore there is much that is still to come in terms of gameplay. I still think it’s a great cozy game that does not require too much time to invest and is a fun way to fill a fall evening in! 

  1. Wytchwood- Available on Nintendo Switch, Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Mac.  

This is the perfect game for fall, especially for the month of October when we love all things spooky. Wytchwood is an adventure game where you play as a witch of the woods in a universe ripe with folklore, fairytales, and fables. The countryside that the game is set in is filled with strange occurrences and can be fully explored by the player! As the witch of the woods, you get to craft potions, collect magic items, create spells, and interact with an expansive cast of characters in the story’s game. I definitely love to play this game during the fall season, as the “dark” aesthetic of the game fits the cold and spooky feelings that come with the autumn season. However, it is not a scary game! There are cute characters and the setting is in an adorable art style that characterizes this game as “cozy”. There’s something for everyone with the crafting mechanics and cohesive storyline as well! 

  1. Cozy Grove- Available on Nintendo Switch, Windows, PlayStation 4, Mac, iOS, and Xbox One.  

Much akin to Spiritfarer, this game focuses on the spiritual world as you wander about as a “Spirit Scout” interacting with and helping ghosts that inhabit the land. The game is beautifully hand-drawn and starts to come alive as you continue to help spirits and rebuild. There are hidden secrets to uncover as well that will help the land become ripe with life again as you continue to play! There are many main and side characters you can encounter and befriend as well, so the game feels a little less lonely as you meet more and more non-playable characters. The game is synced to real-world time, so there are plenty of new quests and side stories available each day, allowing the player to continue exploring and playing the game. There is low conflict and stress, making it the perfect cozy game to unwind with!  

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