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4 Ways You Can Survive Finals Week

The week we have dreaded all semester…finals week. The good news is that as soon as it’s over its sweet summertime. Finals can be super stressful, but here are a few must haves and tips to get you through it!!

Sleep, exercise, and nutritious foods: Sleep has to be the most important thing to have during finals week. It allows our brains to rest so that we can have a fresh start at studying the next day. All-nighters may work for some of us, but make sure to get a nap or two in before your exam. Be sure to get in a little exercise if you have time because its super good for our bodies and a chance to take a study break. Another super important thing is to eat well throughout the week. It’s very easy to grab a quick snack that may not be so good for us, but try and add in some fruits or a smoothie.

Finals Week Bag: Something I like to do when I know I’ll be on the go between the library, Starbucks, or my favorite study place is to pack a bag with my must haves. It’s quick and already packed so you can just grab it and go. I like to throw in my phone and laptop charger, laptop, wallet (so I don’t have to carry a purse too), lip-gloss, water bottle, a sweater and any textbooks or notebooks I might need. Hopefully it all fits!


Coffee and water: Starbucks is definitely a must have and so is coffee in general. But it is important to stay hydrated through the week so our brains stay healthy. Use coffee to wake you up and water because, believe it or not, it puts you in a good mood, keeps you energized, and prevents headaches.


Comfortable clothes: Being comfortable during finals is essential. Don’t worry about trying to impress anyone! Instead focus on exams and studying what you need to be sure you do well. Light makeup and ponytails are okay!


Hopefully these tips are useful through finals week! Be sure to stay hydrated and well rested! Good luck, HCXO!

Staff Writer/Social Media TeamSenior mass communication major from Pawleys Island, South Carolina. In my spare time, you can find me at the local coffee shop writing. :)Instagram and Twitter @HannahLStrong 
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