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4 Realizations When Turning 20

Turning 20 seems like a such a huge milestone and there are a lot of exciting (and not so exciting) things that happen that we sometimes forget!

Here are four realizations one can have when turning 20.


1. Your Teenage Years Are Officially Gone

Soon as your 20th birthday hits, you are no longer a teenage and one more step closer to the real world. You’re still young enough to have fun, but more responsibilities are piling up.


2. You're Half-Way to Graduation

If you’re 20 in college, there’s chance that half of your undergrad career has flown by. Being able to say that junior year starts next semester still amazes me in so many ways. Nobody told me college years flew by this much faster than high school years. It’s bittersweet because it’s getting closer to receiving your degree, but it also means there is not much time left make as many memories as possible!


3. Turning Twenty-Fun is Near!

We all know our 21st birthday is monumental… you can finally order that martini that always looked SO good on the menu and whip your license out thinking, “Wow, I never thought this day would come!”


4. Why Am I Becoming My Mom?!!??

As we get older, certain traits from our parents start to shine through us. Now is this time to let your mom know where all of your sass comes from.


The twenties are a fun time! You’re old enough to say you aren’t a teenager anymore, but you still are full of life and able to enjoy being young before real life hits.

Collegiettes, take advantage of the young years and make memories while you still can!

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