3 Tips to Rock Your Black Friday

The most chaotic shopping day is right around the corner, and the crowds are supposed to be crazy.

If you are planning to go out and get the best deals and join the crowds, you will need some tips to get you through the day - so I put together 3 of the best tips for shopping on Black Friday.  

1) Wear comfortable clothes

This should go without saying but when shopping on the biggest day of the year, you will need to wear clothes that are comfortable to walk in. This also goes for shoes because you will want to wear shoes that are comfortable to walk in.

2) Have a plan

The worst thing to do is to not have a plan when shopping on black Friday. For example, a plan would entail the times you would visit and shop in the store. Having a plan would also take the stress out of Black Friday.

3) Stay Calm

At times Black Friday can be stressful but if you remember to take breaks, and stay hydrated then it won’t be as bad. Black Friday is not meant to be stressful, it's meant to be fun!


Have fun shopping on Black Friday, Collegiettes! Stay safe and enjoy all of the best deals.