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23 Super Cute Halloween Costumes for 2023

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

Like many other people I know, the holiday season is my favorite time of the year, especially Halloween. Looking for a unique but recognizable Halloween costume for this year’s festivities? Don’t look any further, because I’ve gathered my top 23 unique and cute Halloween costumes for 2023.

  1. Alien Superstar: Beyonce’s Renaissance – Beyonce has brought us so many iconic looks from the Renaissance World Tour. The alien superstar concept can be created with any silver pieces straight from your closet.
  2. Rihanna’s Super Bowl Look – This costume is especially great for anyone living in especially cold areas. All you need is an all red outfit, paired with a red jacket. And of course, don’t forget your Fenty Stunna Lip to finish the look. Include some of your friends dressed up as her background dancers and this could also easily work as a group costume.
  3. Kill Bill: Sza’s Version – Another all red ensemble, Sza’s main look from the Kill Bill music video is a great look to recreate especially if you have bangs or are really into creative makeup looks. Make it spooky with fake blood.
  4. Victoria Monet’s On My Mama – If it’s one thing about Victoria, she will always give the best themed looks in her video. On My Mama is not an exception. Get an oversized white top, jeans, and a green and white bomber jacket. Iron on the letters “OMM” on the back of the jacket and finish the costume with bamboo earrings, all types of gold jewelry, fake grills and a green durag to complete the costume.
  5. Halle Bailey’s Little Mermaid – For the black girls with locs, Halle’s Little Mermaid is a super cute and easy costume to pull off. You can find all kinds of mermaid apparel themed from the movie on websites like Amazon and Party City.
  6. Aaliyah’s Queen Akasha – I may be biased as a huge Aaliyah fan, but I think that this is one of the coolest costumes to recreate. This is great for creatives, there are definitely a lot of DIY efforts for the head piece and top. This costume is sure to be a hit at any Halloween party.
  7. Holy Cow – I feel like you can never miss with a pun based costume. Call it corny if you want, but it definitely makes for a party conversation starter. Pair any cow print clothing with angel wings and a halo.
  8. Kiss of Death – Similar to the Holy Cow costume, Kiss of Death is also a cute pun based costume. There’s a lot of creative leeway here as well. For example, wear an all black dress, black lipstick, and a grim reaper cloak along with kiss marks on your face as makeup.
  9. Tooth Fairy – A tooth fairy is a nice switch up from the regular fairy costumes that are go-to’s every year. Pair fairy wings and a magic wand with any other fairy-esque apparel with an iron-on tooth decal.
  10. Snow Bunny – Want to have a costume that allows you to go full glam? The snow bunny look is always a good idea. All you really need is anything white and furry from hats to snow boots.
  11. The Burn Book – Instead of dressing as Regina George, consider switching it up and dressing as The Burn Book itself. Take a pink dress and iron on letter decals from the cover.
  12. Victoria’s Secret Angel – Another reason to give full glam, the Victoria’s Secret Angel is another costume that is sure to stun at any party.
  13. Fantasy Football – All you need is a football jersey, black face paint, and tennis shoes to complete this costume. Add on fairy wings and a magic wand.
  14. Muse from Hercules – Hercules may be a throwback but the Muses are definitely an underrated costume. This can work as a solo or group costume, too.
  15. Pink Panther – Another throwback, dressing up as Pink Panther is mostly a good excuse to be decked out in pink.
  16. Puss in Boots – For anyone looking to recreate a character but also be cute, Puss in Boots is a great option. Pair an orange top, brown skirt, and black boots with his signature hat.
  17. Subway Surfers– The Subway Surfers are definitely underrated characters to recreate as costumes. This could work as a solo, duo, or group costume with the variety of characters they have had over the years.
  18. JigSaw – This is great for makeup lovers. The actual costume part can be a simple black look with the red bow tie. Play it up with white face paint and red swirls on the cheeks.
  19. Venom – While I love Spiderman, I personally think the all black and white Venom jumpsuit as a costume is way cuter. Another costume that can be solo, duo, or a group.
  20. Medusa – Medusa is one of those costumes that isn’t done as often as her other Greek counterparts but you can never go wrong with her. Do a simple green, gold, or black look and pair with a headpiece mirroring her snakes.
  21. Black Swan – Instead of the basic ballerina, you can recreate the Black Swan for those who like edgier costumes. This can work as a duo if a friend recreates the white swan from the movie.
  22. Fallen Angel – The Fallen Angel is another option for those who want an edgier look. Essentially, it’s your standard Angel costume but in all black.
  23. Dark Siren – The Dark Siren is an alternative to the standard mermaid costume. The actual costume can be simple; any mermaid-esque apparel. Add darker makeup, a wet hair look, and pearls and seashells everywhere to achieve this costume.
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