12 Signs You're Obsessed with Horoscopes

Let's face it, sometimes you need some advice and your horoscope is the most reliable place to get that advice. This is for the people with multiple horoscope apps on their phones and check them religiously. If you do these things, you might be obsessed with your horoscope (and other peoples).

Here are the signs:

1. You have multiple horoscope and astrology apps on your phone

An even bigger sign? You check them all religiously justt to make sure your horoscope is good.

2. Every Monday you check your horoscope on the Cosmo Snapchat story

And send your friends their horoscopes on Snapchat - but only if they're good!

3. You ask people what their star signs are

And then proceed to read their daily horoscope to them.

4. You check your significant others horoscope for them

Let's be real - you'd do this for them whether they asked you to or not. 

5. You can spend hours on the horoscope Twitter pages

Your favorite astrology account is probably @HoroscopeVibes too.

6. You proudly talk about your star sign

You know that your star sign fits your personality perfectly, and you proudly tell everyone.

7. You become offended if someone mistakes your star sign

​Sorry, no, I am not a Gemini, how dare you call me one. 

8. You have a group chat with others who are also obsessed with their star signs

The best part? It's never dry.

9. You feel like you sometimes you’re qualified to write horoscopes yourself

I mean, you read them everyday so why not?

10. You’ll blame your moods on your horoscope

If my horoscope told me that I was going to be moody today, then I am GOING to be moody today. Blame my star sign, not me!

11. You know your horoscope will cheer you up on a bad day

And if your daily horoscope won’t cheer you up, then you look at the weeks horoscope. One of them will always work.

12. But overall, you don’t let your horoscope control your life

​Unless it predicts something awesome. Then it controls your life!

Collegiettes, have fun reading your horoscope, and watch out! Mercury is in retrograde, so make smart decisions!