12 Kittens in Costumes That Will Make Midterm Week Much Better

Midterms week bringing you down? Well here are 12 kittens that will make your week better.

1. Here's a cute vampire kitten that will scare you into studying for your midterms! 

2. And a spooky witch kitty that will do the same!

3. And a kitty that doesn't say "meow" anymore and says "ribbit" instead--which means good luck, of course! 

4. Here's a kitty banana and bacon just chilling making your Wednesday (and midterm grades!) even better!

5. A ballerina kitty that will twirl into your dreams tonight to wish you luck on your midterms!

6. This kitten is even better than a shark anyday and will show you how to destroy your tests! 

7. Kitten happily playing--which is how you'll feel when midterms are over!

8. A a bumble-kitty that represents everyone's midterms weeks.

9. Lion kitty roaring about how annoyed she is with midterms....meoooow!!!

10. The kitten dressed up as a soilder representing how we feel once we conquer those midterms! 

11. This kitty and his crew are killing it with costumes this year...just like you'll kill it on your midterms!

12. Kitty that's on a ROLL ...with her midterms just like you are!

Bonus kitty because you're doing so well with midterm week:

Kitten in a pirate costume!

Good luck, Collegiettes!