12 GIFs Describing My Clumsy Life

Life is hard, but its twice as hard for those as clumsy as I am. Here are 12 gifs i found that visually represent the struggles i go through as a klutz. 


1. Never Mastering How To Sit In Chairs Properly 

Picture this: it is day one of my college career. I sit down in my first class and I am ready to begin. I go up to the board to answer a question. When I return to my chair, I sit a little too close to the left and I fall right out of my chair onto the floor. Talk about making a lasting impression on my new classmates.


2. When the Simple Act of Walking Is Just Too Much

Walking is just tough for us clumsy people. I cannot explain why I constantly trip over my own feet, but I know I always seem to do it in the worst scenarios.


3. Trying To Look Cool In Front of My Crush

Flirting is just not in my vocabulary. Looking graceful? No way. Smooth talking? Nope. There is just no way for me to look put together in front of a guy I like.


4. Running Into Inanimate Objects

For some reason, I think I can maneuver my way around the world without looking ahead. Of course, I run into everything from poles to street curbs, trees to bushes, and park benches to low hanging lights constantly.


5. Or, Running Into Just About Anything

There isn’t anything I HAVEN’T bumped into now that I think about it...


6. Spilling Drinks All Over Myself

Miss your mouth? Yes. Always.


7. Trying To Walk In Heels

I just was not made to wear heels. I’m a disgrace to them.


8. Having to Change Clothes From Spilling Food On Myself Constantly

I should just always pack an extra shirt just in case I drop food on myself at this point.


9. Just Say No To Dancing

I should just give up dancing at this point. No coordination. No rhythm.


10. Overestimating My Ability to Climb Stairs Properly

That moment you think you can skip a step and get to the top quicker? Um, no.


11. Sports Are Not My Thing

Sports are just another word for failure in my vocabulary. With my little coordination and fine motor movement, sports are just not possible.


12. Knocking Objects Over All The Time

I have very limited control of my limbs at times. Obviously, I knock over all objects in my destructive path.


Whenever you feel like your life is falling apart, just remember that I am literally falling.