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11 “Cool” ways to build the ultimate brr basket

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

If you have been on Tik Tok recently, you may have seen the holiday trend that is taking social media by storm. This trend involves planning baskets for your significant other, centered around holidays or other milestones like anniversaries, or just as a way to show your love! Now, the idea of gift baskets has been around for ages, but with the sudden rage on social and mainstream media, the people of Tik Tok have been grouping them into new trendy types. During Halloween we saw ‘Boo Baskets’ and now with winter holidays coming up we see the resurgeance of this trend in the ‘Brr Basket’ follow along below for ideas of what you can get your friends, family, and more this holiday season.

Stuffed animals!

Cute, cuddly, and a great thing to snuggle when you are missing your partner. Normally I have seen these as the centerpiece of the baskets. Choosing their favorite animal is an easy way to show you how important the little things are.


This one may be really simple, but a nice candle is a great filler item to spruce up your room. With bath and Body Works constantly having sales, it is an affordable option. There are also quirky candles you can use (or make) to show your personality.

Matching clothes

This one may require more commitment than the others, but it is adorable. Imagine curling up with your loved one and drinking hot cocoa while watching your fave movie. Sounds adorable right?


This is another affordable and easy option that could make someone’s day. Picking a scent that reminds you of them is a meaningful way to say “I’m thinking about you.”

Notes/a photo journal

This is a cheap and easy one that is adorable. Nothing says “I love you” like a cute written note listing everything you love about them or things you want to do with them. Journaling can also be a great way to give your significant other space to have their own thoughts and process them.


This is a simple one that is also pretty cheap. You can do goofy socks as a silly gift, matching pairs, or extra fuzzy to be extra cozy. 

Blankets or pillows

This is another easy one to do yourselves. You can get one with a photo of you guys printed on it, or you can keep it simple and just keep a cozy blanket or pillow in a style you know your partner would love.

Gift cards

Gift cards are never a bad idea and can be a great way to surprise someone with something they may not buy for themselves. This could be for coffee, shopping, or food. You can also turn it into a date!

Coloring/paint kits

This is cute if you and your partner are artsy. This gift can either be a great gift to spark their creativity, or inspiration for date night. Pair this gift with a bottle of wine, (if you are of age) and you have a paint and sip night as well. Overall, paint kits are about being creative.


This is cute one to show someone you care and know what brands, colors, and products they use.

Self-care products

While this may be similar to makeup, this one is also an easy basket filler. This serves the same purpose as showing someone you care and know what they like. This can be face masks, coloring books, body scrubs, puzzles, really anything that your partner would consider self care. 

Breanna Gayle is a senior Special Education major here at Winthrop as well as an exec member for Chi Omega and Circle of Sisterhood!! She is also a member of the Council for Exceptional Children. She can usually be seen hanging around campus with friends or getting an iced coffee. She is very excited and honored to be a part of the Her Campus crew!!