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101 Things I’ll Tell My Future Daughter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

I think about you often, and know that when you’re finally in my life it will be the best thing in the world. I can’t wait to meet you–but until then, here are 101 things I want you to know:

1. Surround yourself with smart people.

2. Always eat breakfast.

3. Don’t be afraid to cut your hair, it’ll always grow back.

4. If someone tells you you aren’t capable of doing something because you’re a girl, prove them wrong and do it better. 

5. Running is a good way to relieve stress.

6. So is dancing.

7. Drink lots of water.

8. Saying “no” doesn’t make you weak. It takes strength to say no sometimes.

9. Everyone deserves respect. 

10. Choose comfort.

11.  Even when it seems like there is no good in the world, there is.

12. If you still can’t find it, BE the good in the world.

13. Floss–you’ll thank me later. 

14. Don’t think that high school was the peak of your life…

15. Or the worst part of your life.

16. Always keep a map in your car; electronics aren’t reliable.

17. Don’t be naive.

18. Acting dumb in front of guys is not cute; intelligence is attractive, my dear. 

19. Don’t be scared to ask me for advice or help.

20. Tattoos are permanent, be smart.

21. Love yourself before trying to love anyone else.  

22. Be persistent, but not overbearing.

23. Listen with the intent to understand, not just reply.

24. Hugs are amazing.


26. …but don’t be afraid to treat yourself.

27. Beauty is fleeting.

28. Moisturize.

29. Wear red lipstick.

30. Stand by your opinions, morals, and choices…

31. …but don’t be close-minded.

32. You’ll always be my baby.

33. When you love, love with your whole heart.

34. Be someones priority, not an afterthought or second choice.

35. Never use scented tampons.

36. When it comes to friendships, always choose quality over quantity.

37. Make memories, go on adventures, enjoy your youth. 

38. People always remember how you make them feel.

39. Take responsibility for your actions.

40. Protect your reputation.

41. Don’t start any bad habits…addictions are hard to break.

42. Listen to music.

43. You don’t have to wear make up…

44. …but if you do, take pride in it and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for wearing it.

45. Never settle.

46. Learn how to bake. 

47. Have a sense of humor.

48. Don’t go out of your way to impress people.

49. Always say thank you.

50. Know when to stop plucking. This is very important. 

51. Don’t cheat and don’t lie.

52. Follow the 10 Commandments.

53. Someone will probably break your heart one day. It will be terrible and you will feel like your world is falling apart, but remember that it’s not. Be excited for the future and eat as much ice cream as you want.

54. And, be sure to invite me—I love ice cream.

55. Take a lot of pictures.

56. Keep your hands out of your mouth.

57. Love your body.

58. Keep an address book.

59. Always carry some cash.

60.  Experience all of the cliche movie scenes with those you care about.

61. Be proud of where you come from.

62. Workout and eat healthy.

63. Have passion in all that you do.

64. Be careful what you share online.

65. Volunteer.

66. Talk to the elderly, you’ll gain a lot of wisdom.

67. Learn from your mistakes…

68. …and from those around you’s mistakes.

69. Modest is hottest.

70. If it’s worth fighting for, give it all you got. 

71. Know how to make pasta, grilled cheeses, and scrambled eggs.

72. You’re never too old for disney movies.

73. Siblings are forever, you should always have their back.

74. Go to concerts, lots and lots of concerts.

75. The heart is deceiving.

76. Play Mario Kart.

77. Learn another language.

78. Call your grandparents.

79. Don’t underestimate yourself.

80. A good friend that loves at ALL times. Point blank. 

81. Understand politics.

82. You’re always going to be daddy’s little girl.

83. Your GPA does not define you.

84. Spend a day people-watching, you’ll learn a lot.

85. Don’t be afraid of doing things alone.

86. Don’t depend on anyone else for your happiness.

87. Keep a journal.

88. Have faith.

89. Don’t limit yourself.

90. Be generous.

91. Pets are a big responsibility.

92. Smoothies are greater than milkshakes

93. Never beg for anyones attention.

94. READ.

95. Get involved.

96. You’ll always be welcomed home. 

97. Your dad and I want to meet those who are important to you.

98. Don’t lose sight of what is important.

99. Memorize #4.

100. Smiling and laughing is good for your soul.

101.  Be yourself, and know that I will always love you. 

Ariel Flores is a junior Human Development and Family Studies major, minoring in Health at Winthrop University. Her concentration is adolescent studies, but she finds joy in working with children of all ages. To work at Levine Children Hospital with families and children is her current post-graduation goal. She enjoys making memories with her friends & family, and is always up for an adventure.  "Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire"     
Emily Murphy has been with Her Campus Media since 2018, and is currently the Branded Content Associate. She was the Campus Correspondent and Editor/President at her chapter at Winthrop University for four years, but has had a passion for all things writing since she was young. When she's not scribbling ideas down for her next branded article, she's watching reruns of Seinfeld while scrolling Pinterest for apartment inspo. Follow her on Instagram at @emilysmurfy