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10 Things All Sporty Girls Know to Be True

There’s a stereotype that girls aren’t supposed to like, know a lot about, or be sporty; but many of us know this to not be true and want to embrace their sprty side.

Ladies, we all know the best (and worst) parts of being a sporty girl. Here are a few things all sporty girls will know to be true!


1. Not being allowed to show off your knowledge and talent.

Whenever a game was on, or the topic of sports arose, you were pushed to the side even though you knew just as much, if not more, than the guys in the room.


2. Challenges were always accepted.

You were always up for the challenge. Especially if the person challenging you was a boy who thought you were just “some weak little girl”.


3. Being a natural born player.

The few sports you didn’t play came naturally because you were already in the competitive spirit from the other four games you had earlier in the week.


4. The exhaustion is real.

Even though you were always out playing and supporting your multiple teams, you always seemed to have zero energy and survived off of team snacks or after-game ice cream runs.


5. Single life is the only life.

No one ever asked you out because they thought you were too muscular or sporty for a girl and just too bold to date. This didn’t matter though, because you knew you were stronger and better than all the haters.


6. Your friends would never understand the sport lifestyle.

You always tried to introduce your non-sporty friends to the wonderful world of sports but it always ended in an injury or the loss of interest after a few minutes.


7. The never ending jokes.

When people made jokes about your being a girl and active in multiple sports but really they were just scared of you. They made you out to be a laughing stock but you knew to ignore them and kept your head up high. If they came for you again, however, you might’ve had to use those tackle tactics you learned at practice.


8. The short friend-list.

Girls never wanted to hang out with you, and all the guys were intimidated by you, so you kind of just flew to the beat of your own drum and crushed anyone who tried to play you. Everyone was just jealous of you anyway.


9. People continuously said you couldn’t, so you did.

Everyone from your coach to the stranger on the sidelines said “you probably shouldn’t do that”, but you ignored them anyway. Who cares what those losers said, you are a queen on and off all of the courts and fields. Kill it girl!


10. The persistent sexism.

You faced a lot of sexist remarks about your choices but you pushed through because your love of the sport wasn’t determined by others acceptance of you.


Sporty girls, I hope you appreciated this! I know you can relate! Let’s end this stereotype and embrace our sporty side!!

Hi! I'm an aspiring writer working on her Mass Communications degree at Winthrop University! I write for multiple publications on campus and am so excited to be a part of this wonderful team with an amazing group of girls!
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