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10 GIFs That Prove We’re All Secretly Jerry from “Rick & Morty”

If you’re not familiar with the AMAZING show "Rick and Morty", Jerry, my main man, is the goofy screw-up dad that can’t seem to do anything right in any situation. Oh, Jerry. You just can’t catch a break. Sometimes, we can’t either. We all want to be Rick, but all have Jerry moments and secretly, we’re all Jerry. Just take a look at the proof!

You spend endless hours playing games when there’s something REALLY important you should probably be doing

I mean, who doesn’t?

Sometimes that story/video/thing isn’t as great as you thought it was

Just sometimes though.

Life can be so hard

You're no quitter though!

You doubt yourself

But sometimes it comes across as philosophical? Cool.

You have fears

I mean, it’s probably not a sentient banana at an awards show, but you’ve got one!

Sometimes you realize that you just have to buckle down and fix your mistakes

Hopefully they’re not as bad as Jerry’s though. Just saying.

You have that one frenemy/in-law/extended family member that you secretly HATE but have to be nice to

Yeah, you know who I’m talking about.

You’ve got that one crazy uncle that says weird things, but everyone’s too nice to say anything to him about it

It’s okay, you can justify it by saying it’s out of love.

You’ve watched at least one movie with your family that’s got too many ~steamy~ scenes or a lot of swearing, and it gets uncomfortable FAST

Yikes. There’s no coming back from this one. Sorry.

You get your mind blown by some of the simplest things sometimes

Remember how you felt when you learned which side of a bobby pin is the top? Yeah, that feeling. That’s a Jerry feeling.

Ladies, embrace your inner Jerry! There's nothing wrong with it! Here's a lil' something extra to help motivate you to let your freak (Jerry) flag fly!

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