Your Night Out as Told by Bitmojis

When you finish getting ready to go downtown and you’re ready for a photoshoot.


When you’re two shots in at the pre-game and you know it’s about to be a wild night.


When you get to the bar and see your campus crush through the crowd of people.



When your favorite bartender gives you free drinks.



When that last drink hits and you think it’s a great time to break out your best dance moves.



When you make friends with all the girls waiting in line in the bathroom.


When you start taking selfies with those girls knowing the pictures will look horrible the next morning.



When you order one more drink when you probably shouldn’t.


When you and your friends decide to leave the bar to go get food.



And when you wake up in the morning, hungover and thirsty AF, and swear off alcohol until the next time you go out.


RIP to your liver and your bank account.