Why Hilary Duff Will Always Be Queen

Hilary Duff is an icon and I won’t let anyone else tell me otherwise.


I mean, who has not seen A Cinderella Story, sang “So Yesterday” at the top of their lungs, or related to her character Lizzie McGuire when they were in middle school?


I remember when my aunt introduced me to Hilary: I was going to spend the weekend at her house and she had her CD playing in the car (My aunt also had a Hilary Duff backpack in her car that had all my coloring books and markers in it to entertain me on the hour drive to her house). The CD, Metamorphosis, was literal music to my ears and I have been a fan ever since.


Forgot about the greatness that is Hilary Duff? Here are some of her top moments that will always be iconic:


1.  Lizzie McGuire: Let me start you out with an easy one.This was the show that made Hilary the teen idol that we all wanted to be. From her besties Miranda and Gordo, to her little brother Matt, the ever-so-swoon-worthy Ethan Craft, and the OG mean girl, Kate Sanders, Lizzie went through the awkward phase of middle school before we officially did, and we enjoyed watching every moment of it. Lizzie also went to Rome before she went to high school, and I am still somewhat jealous of this fact.

2.  Music: Let’s go back, back to the beginning… of her music career with “What Dreams Are Made Of”. This scene and song is ICONIC in The Lizzie McGuire Movie (I mean, who doesn’t remember Isabella saying “Sing to me, Pablo” and Pablo belting out his off-key part of the song). Hillary's first full album (besides her Christmas album, which I still play every Christmas season) was Metamorphosis and it included hits such as “So Yesterday” and “Come Clean”. Her latest album, Breathe In. Breathe Out., was released in 2015 and includes one of my favorite songs by her, “Tattoo,” which was written by none other than Ed Sheeran.

3.  Movies: One of her most popular movies is A Cinderella Story with Chad Michael Murray has one of the best comeback lines that has ever been written“Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought. Useless and disappointing." Name a more iconic line, I’ll wait. Hilary has also done other movies, such as Raise Your Voice, Cadet Kelly, Agent Cody Banks, and Cheaper by the Dozen 1 & 2, just to name some of my favorites.

4.  TV: Hilary currently stars in Younger, a show about how age is not just number, that plays on the TV Land network. Did you know that she was also in Gossip Girl? Yeah, I bet you didn’t.

5.  Style: Hilary isn’t afraid to show her style, especially when it comes to her hair color. Though we usually see her as a blonde, she has recently had brown, turquoise, and pink hair. She is not afraid to try out different colors or cuts, and I seriously applaud her for that.

Those are just five reasons why Hillary will always be queen. Don’t @ me because ya know I’m right, and she is one of your guilty pleasures as well.