Why Chuck Bass is the Real King of Hearts

It’s Gossip Girl vibes all over again! From utter heartbreak to the most joyful moments, Gossip Girl brought out every emotion imaginable. Though we left our beloved show content and satisfied, we will never forget the dauntless Chuck Bass. Actor Ed Westwick brought the mysterious bad boy lifestyle to life in a classy and enigmatic way that gave Gossip Girl an antagonist to actually root for.


1.     His confidence surpassed that of everyone else.

2.     He has an iconic smolder.

3.     He looked at Blair the way you want a man to look at you.

4.     He is independent.

5.     He owned up to his mistakes.

6.     He has a fiery heart & is vulnerable.

7.     He played the game, but never the girl.

8.     There is no doubt he is a fighter.

9.     Only goes halfway across the world to delight you…

10.  Though doubted, he never gave up on Blair.

So in all reality…

Another 6 seasons of Gossip Girl and a side of Bass please!