Why Being Besties With Your Mom Is the Best

Like most people, I thought my parents were the coolest people on the face of the earth when I was younger. Then I went through puberty (good times), and it seemed as though everything that once made me laugh until my stomach hurt suddenly makes me cringe from embarrassment. I spent my teenage years dodging as many moments with my folks in public as humanly possible. Now that I am an adult, though, I have found myself coming full circle because I am right back where I started.


Although I have many amazing friends I have met through school, work, and marching band (shout-out to all you wonderful ladies and gents), my mom is—by far—my absolute best friend. Here are three reasons why having your mom as a bestie is cooler than it sounds.



1.  She knows you better than anyone.


Let’s face it, people: the way you present yourself in front of your friends or even your significant other is likely very different from how you look and act when you are all alone. When it comes to your mom, she knows you like the back of her hand. She has seen you without makeup and smelled your morning breath; in mood swings that range from the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between; through breakups, let-downs, and greatest achievements. She has seen you at your best and she has seen you at your worst. But at the end of the day, she still loves you for who you are!



2.  She looks out for you.


Before you write off something your mom says as nagging, you need to admit to yourself that you are her number one priority. Sometimes moms have a hard time putting their motherly instincts on snooze and letting us figure things out on our own; other times, though, they really feel the need to step in. Regardless of the situation—whether it involves an outfit choice or social media post—remember that your mom is just trying to look out for you and make sure you are safe. Did I already mention she loves you?



3.  She is the future you.


Whether or not we like to admit this last one, we all know it is true. Over time, we gradually tend to pick up certain things our moms do that drove us crazy when we were young but will soon become part of our everyday lives as we get older. I have personally noticed that I have already developed my mom’s loud and contagious laugh, and I do not mind at all because to have a single quality of hers is an honor. My mom is such a strong woman with her own set of stories and to be able to look at her and see what I could become is, in itself, an incredible inspiration for the future. Embrace your mom’s peccadillos because they will likely become your own!



Keep these things in mind the next time you talk to or get to see your mom and show your appreciation for her!