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What Are You Going To Make of Your Life?

Last week I posted an Instagram story asking people what they wanted to do someday. The challenge was, I didn’t want safe responses. I wanted people to tell me how they’d change the world if there were no restrictions. Lack of money and time, too many bills, and too much practicality—I want that all thrown out the window! I was looking to find what lies on people’s hearts.


I could tell you what I received for a response or, I could just show you… check it out:



After all of this, I never shared my own answer to this question. So, here it is:

There are so many opportunities out there, and it’s easy to lose sight of that when you get caught up in your own little world. After I finish up my Bachelor’s Degree, I want to be an au pair (living with a host family in a foreign country and providing childcare and housework) in Italy for a year and travel all around Europe. I want to learn different cultures and ultimately, pick one I might stick with forever (sorry Mom and Dad, I might move across the world). In this time, I want to be a freelance writer. Then I’ll get my Master’s, eventually my Doctorate (because that’s kick-ass), and then I’m going to do a work-away program. I want to help people and communities and travel the world for cheap. I want to learn another language and learn how to communicate with people I am different from. All the while I’ll be working on my tattoo collection ;)


So that’s just what I’m going to do. I have so much love to give, that I’m going to spread it all around the world. I need my eyes to be open to the realities of life beyond my own. How dare I ever say I’m bored when there is so much I have not learned and have not done?


Sure, I want to get married, and have kids, and adopt puppies someday. But I don’t want to look at those as my goals anymore. They will come when I fall in love with life and when I have seen that I live in a world I want to bring more people into.


I am so happy that people were able to think about what they want to do. Everyone has the power to change the world, but no single person has the power to change everything in the world. That’s why we need each and every one of these people. Everyone serves a different purpose.


Friends and followers—thank you for contributing. The idea was that, in thinking about what you want with no restrictions, maybe you’ll realize the restrictions aren’t all that big after all or that out of reach. Maybe you are creating the restrictions yourself.


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Alexa Jo is a senior at Winona State studying Psychology and Communication Studies. She enjoys learning new skills, getting outside, upcycling clothes, and hanging out with the people she loves. She likes to write stories that are real, raw, and have just a touch of humor. She writes because she believes she has a lot to say, and wants to talk about the things others are scared to talk about. She uses her writing to share her experiences and uplift others. She hopes to one day work for a non profit in campaigns for social change.
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