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Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial: Simple Soft Purple/Pink Cut-Crease

This is the first time I have ever fully planned on celebrating Valentine’s Day, and in honor of that, I decided to try out a Valentine’s-themed eyeshadow look! I attempted a cut-crease because it is a trend that seems to be all the rage on Instagram, and I have always wanted to give it a shot.



It turned out a lot better than I expected! It is not perfect, and not what I intended it to be, but I think the fact that the colors came out a little softer made it a lot more wearable for more people.



That is a close-up of the eye look in my bedroom lighting and natural sunlight. So, if you want to know how to achieve this soft and pretty Valentine’s Day look, keep reading!


First, I will put a picture of all the steps so you can look at them before I explain them, as well as pictures of the eyeshadows that I used as a reference—you can either use the same ones or find similar ones you already own! I primarily used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette and one of the shades from the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette.



Step 1: Start off with no makeup on, just in case any eyeshadow falls onto your face. Then put a piece of clear Scotch tape in the shape that you want the eyeshadow angled from the corner of your eye to a little past your eyebrow. This will help you keep a sharp line easily while applying eyeshadow, once you remove the tape it will be a perfect line!


Step 2: Liberally apply concealer or an eyeshadow base to the eyelid and set with skin-colored powder.


Step 3: Blend the light purple shade in the crease (Shade 1).


Step 4: Blend the dark magenta shade a little lower in the crease (Shade 2).


Step 5: Blend a mixture of the pinky-red and red shades a little lower in the crease (Shades 3 and 4).


Step 6: Use a flat precise brush (like this one) and concealer to carve out the crease into the shape you want; it goes from the inner corner, makes a half moon over the eye and then angles down toward the tape to make a cat eye silhouette. Pro tip: when you start using the concealer, blink your eye hard to see where the concealer transfers because this is where you should cut the crease to follow your natural eye shape. Set that concealer with a skin-colored powder.


Step 7: Use a red sparkly eyeshadow as a liner close to your lash line.


Step 8: To make the red eyeshadow more intense, wet your makeup brush with either a setting spray or water before using the eyeshadow and go over the line you made before.


Step 9: Remove the tape and see the sharp line you have created!


From there, complete your everyday makeup routine as normal.


After you are done with your face makeup, use the same red eyeshadow and run it under your eye and to the line of the cut crease.


Lastly, I used the same brush and dipped it in the inner corner color to mix them and create a shiny pink inner corner highlight!


From there, apply mascara or false lashes—if you are feeling adventurous—and you are done!


I am no professional, but this makeup look was not very hard and did not take me too long, so try it out for yourself if you are looking for something new and festive this Valentine’s Day!


Here are some more pictures of how it all turned out!



2, 3

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