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Tyler Mohr: A Passion On The Water

Faith, family, friends and of course… fishing, are four words that our Campus Celeb, Tyler Mohr, lives by each and every day. If you are wondering why you may never see this celeb of ours, it is because he is always out on that open water every chance he gets. He is driven by his passion for fishing and we have the story to prove it.

Tyler Mohr, from Lakeville MN, is a sophomore at Winona State majoring in Electronic Media and minoring in Marketing. Getting his first magazine article for Midwest Outdoors published at age 16, becoming an officially sponsored angler at age 15, and making his voice heard on all social mediums, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, don’t even come close to the accomplishments behind Tyler’s motivation for success. Through these amazing accomplishments, Tyler came to Winona with one idea in mind: become a professional tournament angler. He envisioned a dream of traveling the world competing in various tournament circuits for fishing. That dream of continuing his fishing never changed, but become a lot more real once he started school. Tyler has a passion for writing, as well as a passion for fishing, so he combined the two into something where he can make a difference in the marketing side of fishing. With his communication and writing skills, we have no doubt that Tyler will surely impress everyone with his talent.

Upon coming to WSU, Tyler had to overcome a few obstacles in his path to accomplish all that he has today. About 9 years ago Tyler was diagnosed with Clinical Depression. Feeling, at times, like there was no way out, Tyler never let it define him. Through this constant battle he found what he claims to have literally saved his life: fishing. Tyler found himself on the water on most days, even if it was just for a little bit or for just that one cast. Tyler says, “It’s a passion, it’s a part of me, and that’s really the only way to describe something that truly feels indescribable.” With a strong family support system behind him, Tyler’s drive comes from the obstacles he has overcome to be where he is today.

Tyler’s most recent accomplishment is his work with local veterans. Tyler was able to have the honor of taking vets out fishing. Through this, he also worked with some gentlemen from HSM Outdoors and created a Facebook Page for the event. He was able to volunteer and meet some incredible men, hear their stories, fish with them, and teach them how to catch more fish. Tyler felt so incredibly honored to be a part of such a rewarding organization for both the veterans and the volunteers involved. The organization will continue to grow each and every year, as they continue to do this wonderful event. “To just see the smile on their faces when they catch a fish, or even just when you sit down and talk to them is all the reward I could ever ask for”, says Tyler.

With a passion for fishing and the skillset to show, there is no doubt many would notice him. Tyler is sponsored by and/or has worked with the following sponsors: HSM Outdoors, Clam Outdoors, Denali Rods, PowerTeam Lures, All-Terrain Tackle, and Round Valley Tungsten. Was once a dream, is now a reality in this fisherman’s life. Tyler says, “I can’t thank them enough for taking a chance on a starry eyed 16 year old with big dreams and sticking with me every step of the way, through every up and down, all of these guys have had my back.” Through all of these sponsorships, Tyler takes everything he has learned and gives back in every way he can. He answers any and all questions, teaches anybody who wants to learn how to fish, and even writes various articles and makes how-to videos. Through all his contributions, Tyler stresses that you are always learning, “Whether it’s from other anglers or by trial and error, you can never learn too much.”

Aside from Tyler’s life on the water, he also takes part in many campus activities. Tyler is a part of the Winona State fishing team, one of the voices for KQAL’s Sports Radio, and a Warrior Sports play-by-play announcer. He never stops learning and enhancing his skills in every aspect he can. Tyler also maintains his main job back home working at Gander Mountain as a sales associate in the fishing department (of course), while also working at Cub Foods as a customer service attendant, and picking up numerous landscaping and lawn care jobs on the side. There is no question that Tyler likes to stay busy and is always jumping at every opportunity he can to help and contribute his skills. He also sometimes gets paid to fish! Getting paid to do what is passionate to you is every college students dream, but for Tyler Mohr, his dream has only just begun.

After graduation, Tyler wants to use some of his many connections that he has acquired over the past years, and those he will make, to find a job working in the fishing industry. Whether it is in the marketing field, the media field, on TV/Radio, or just writing for an outdoors publication, Tyler will always stick to his passion.

Tyler’s advice to anyone who aspires to achieve his, or her, dreams is to always work hard, stay true to yourself, and never outgrow where you came from.

“It is easy to dream small and accomplish small, but it is truly greatness when one can dream big and accomplish bigger. Distance yourself from the small-minded people, but most importantly, find a passion. I don’t mean a hobby; I don’t mean an activity, but a passion. If you can find that passion, I truly believe you can do anything.”

Go and support Tyler on his journey and see all that he is accomplishing on these social media platforms:

Facebook: Tyler Mohr FishingTwitter: tjmfishingInstagram: tjmfishingYouTube: Tyler Mohr


Meet our Campus Correspondent Mariah Mrotek! Originally from Racine, Mariah is a Mass Communication Advertising major with a Professional Writing Minor. You can usually catch Mariah loving up the cats at the local Winona Area Humane Society or getting her last minute shopping fix at Target. She is an avid writer and believer in the power of intuition. As an advocate for the Minnesota Epilepsy Foundation, she strives for change. She really enjoys the fall season and the amazing honeycrisp apples it brings. Her ideal place to vacation at is a cabin up north by the lake. Mariah hopes to continue to see and enjoy the world’s beauty after graduation as she pursues a career in Social Media Content Management or Project Management.
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