Top Tricks for Long, Healthy Mermaid Hair

Every girl craves those long, luscious sunkissed locks for the summer.  A few years ago I decided to grow out my hair, and within a year I had my hair all the way down my back!  I’m constantly asked for tips and tricks to get long, healthy hair, and here are a few of them.

1. Lay off the heat.

I know this is hard, believe me.  But this is a huge cause of split ends.  I’m not saying give up styling tools for good, but try going a week or two without using any heat on your hair!  You will notice a difference and your hair will thank you immensely.

2. Wash your hair less often.

This seems gross, but washing your hair less is actually healthier for your scalp and hair because it lets your hair soak in its natural oils instead of drying it out. Shampooing every day can remove natural essential oils that your hair needs! Start washing your hair every other day instead.

3. Try a homemade hair mask.

My personal favorite is using a tablespoon of warmed-up coconut oil on my ends before I shower.  After doing some research I found out coconut oil is one of the only oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft.

4. Don’t brush your hair when it is wet.

Your hair is the most weak when it’s wet, so instead of ripping through it with a hairbrush, try a wide-toothed comb or even a Wet Brush. This tip has seriously saved my hair.

Good luck growing your hair out, ladies!