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There’s an “I in Movie: Why It’s Okay to Go Solo to See a Show

When I started out my sophomore year of college, I didn’t have anyone to go to the movies with because schedules are pretty hard to work around when everyone you know has a night class. 


So, when I knew Spider-Man: Far From Home was being rereleased, I decided I had to go. You see, I had plans with another friend to go when it first came out, but they had canceled, and I didn’t want to go alone.



Now, why should I skip a movie I really wanted to see just because somebody had flaked on me? 


The reason was fear. 


I was afraid to go to a movie alone, in the event that I ran into someone I knew from high school, where I straight-up did not have a good time. I was afraid that the other movie patrons would think I was stood up (which I kind of was) or that I didn’t have anyone to go with.


Since I had missed Spider-Man the first time around, I made a plan when I heard about the reissue. I asked my friends, but they all had to work or head over for their service-learning. I even posted a Snapchat to my story to let every person I had ever met know that I was looking for somebody to go with. I figured I’d find somebody to go by the time that Tuesday had rolled around.


I did not.



By then I’d told everybody I was going to go and had played it off like I didn’t care if I had to go alone. 


But that was a bold-faced lie. I did care.


I ended up going, and I was glad I did.


There were five people in that theater. One couple, two random guys who were also living their best lives solo, and me. It was amazing.


Actual video of me and those guys realizing we all flew solo:


For starters, I didn’t even think about another person the entire time. I had two hours and nine minutes of movie-watching experience all by myself. And it was glorious. 


Maybe that’s because I don’t like talking to others during movies. Maybe it’s because I usually have to explain cameos and references from previous movies to people who don’t understand. Maybe something is clear when you read the book, but your pal hasn’t read it yet. 


Whatever the cause of it, I really enjoyed the movie. Personally, as a young female who happened to be flying solo, I might have gone to an earlier showing so I didn’t get out of there after dark, but I’m sure I could have asked the usher to keep an eye on me if I hadn’t been parked next to a group of elderly women (all of whom asked me very excitedly how my movie was as we walked out together).


In conclusion, going to a movie with your pals can be An Experience™, but if they aren’t up for a movie you really want to see, you can go alone.




Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

Megan Out



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Meg Chaffee is a junior at Winona State University studying History and Political Science. She hopes to teach high school social studies, because she wouldn’t be able to deal with her students eating smart glue during craft activities just because it has the word “smart” on it. She wrote a story on Watt-pad (during middle school, in an account she can no longer access) that received far too many votes for several awards, and no, she will not give you the name. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, and watching The Good Place repeatedly on Netflix.
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